b'HOW TO CREATE WINNINGBy AuthorRETAIL DISPLAYSWhile the world is busy shopping online and many industry professionals are reading reports inferring ecommerce has surpassedbrick&mortarretailsales,nothingcouldbe further from the truth.Thereisabsolutelynothingthatcomparestoshopping in-person especially in the fine jewelry category. When a customer can hold a piece of fine jewelry in their hands and see how it looks and how it feels it adds tremendous value. None of these experiences can be replicated online, no matter how great your technology is. That being said, merchandising your store is crucial to help you maximize sales.You cannot slack in this area, after all you are competing with perfectly manicured websites. You may have just bought a new line, andBest of all, this display will come complimentary youre excited to get it in, but thats only halfwithamodestminimumpurchase.The the battle. Presentation is one of the majordisplay holds between 21 skus and 38 skus pitfallsmanyretailersstrugglewithtoday.and measures 16.5 wide by 11.5 deep in You need to grab the customers attention inthe showcase. a short time and make them stop. The Yours Truly program is a great fit for retailers looking to get The development team at Royal Chain has really figured thisinto an easier personalized line because there is no waiting, no out. Established over 42 years ago, and widely known within thecustomization, and no loss of time at the sale. The sale takes industry as a gold company, this family-owned conglomerateplace on the spot in most cases, and retailers dont have to has a history of creating successful buy-in programs for theirgo through the hassle of contacting the manufacturer to make retail customers. Taking a holistic approach, Royal Chain offersthe item. Since the programs launch in late 2019 it has been a everythingfrommodulardisplaystoextensivemarketingresounding success. materials all in an effort to help retailers. Theyve been leaders in profitable turn-key programs. Marketing is defined as pulling together all of the elements of a business in order to get TaketheirnewYoursTrulyprogramasanthe product to the ultimate consumer. Having example, which pairs personalized productwellthoughtoutdisplaysthatpresentthe withaneasytousedisplaysystem.Thisproduct in an attractive way to the consumer collection of gold initials offers consumers ais key to completing the sales process from choice from three different categories from athe manufacturer to the retail jeweler to the consumer for new bolo bracelet, a stud earring and three typesreleases and trends they wish to capitalize in a short amount of necklaces. Each piece is stocked in every letter for next dayof time.delivery. And all styles come priced between $120 and $375. 12 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'