b'CURATE FOR YOUR CUSTOMER By Gloria Maccaroni Create a unique gallery of jewelry to appeal to your TARGET customer.Curate is one of the buzz words that you hear often todayfrom a curated menu to content curationA curator is a subject-matter expert who is skilled in:Searching Collecting OrganizingAdding value, perspective, Presenting/publicly sharing the best resources/artifacts on a commentary, critiquespecific theme /topic /issue /event for a specific audience.Does this sound like you?WHAT ARE THE GENERATIONS?AsyoucurateyourmerchandiseselectionsforThere are five generations currently identified in the thecomingseasonyouwillbedoingsowithUnited States:your target customers in mind. Outlined here are some ways to effectively reach each generational Gen Z or Centennials: Born 1996mid 2000sconsumer group as well as suggestions on sterling Millennials or Gen Y: Born 19771995silver collections that are most appealing to each.Generation X: Born 19651976Whichgenerationsrespondbesttotelephone Baby Boomers: Born 19461964calls, who is most likely to shop in-store, who isTraditionalists or Silent Generation: Born 1945 motivated by price or gets hooked because a brandand beforeis endorsed by a celebrity? Read on Curate Classics to offer to Baby Boomers Born between 1946 and 1964, Baby Boomers are spendingconsumers in the market today! They spend the most money heavyweights due to their population, higher incomes, andon each shopping trip, and as they reach retirement age, they large family sizes.are more likely to splurge on items that arent on the grocery list. They spend the most across all categories and the most They are receptive to direct marketing/sales tactics. They likepertransaction,preferringpremiumbrandsandstores.But to talk to real people. Boomers have the highest value asthey also have the tendency to spend more than they save.20 |The Jewelry Business Magazine'