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August 2021
The Cost of Your Data Breach, Curating for Customers, Motivating Employees, Inventory and Reorders. Embracing Succession-Planning.

July 2021
Best In Show, New Rules of Engagement, The Art of the Sale. Transitioning Your Business to the Next Generation.

May/June 2021
Christmas Is Coming, Assessing Owner's Needs, Shifting to Direct Response Marketing, Here Comes the Bridal, and A Year Like No Other. 10 Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry Business Secure.

March/April 2021
Cybercrime, Succession Planning, and Making Yourself Redundant. Building Accountability.

January/February 2021
Understanding the Bell Curve, Shifts Required for Jeweler Success in '21, Effective Ecommerce Strategies, and New Year's Resolutions. 10 Tip For Running Your Business During The Pandemic.

October 2020
A Business Transition into Virtual Retail with Store Safety and Security. What Enterprise Software can do for Your Business

September 2020
Worker's Compensation, Anti-Money Laundering, Hit Reset with The New Normal. The Best Digital Marketing

June 2020
Think Positive, Recommendations for Store Reopenings, Keep Your Business and Data Secure, Creating Partnerships with Suppliers. Have You Moved Online Yet?

May 2020
Surviving COVID-19, Crossing the Rubicon, Timing You Advertising to Double Your Reach While Planning Hot-To Protect Your Jewelry Showcases. Build Your Bridal Business.

March/April 2020
Traveling Safe, Improving Store Traffic, and Retail Isn't Dead. Mother's Day: Must Haves and Must Do's.

January/February 2020
Start the New Year Off Right with an Annual Review and New Solutions. What You Want in a Business Advisor.

November/December 2019
Up Your Sales Game for the Holidays with Marketing Strategy and Tactics and Stirling Tips and Styles. How to Hire a Manager Effectively.

October 2019
Retail Experience, Jewelry Store Opening, Price of Security, Ethical Sourcing. 4 Key Questions to Understand Your Strategy.

September 2019
Christmas Planning, Loss During Traveling Has Doubled, but Travel to Exotic Places Has Benefits. More on Merchandising.

July/August 2019
Reinvent Yourself Even When Confidence is Low. Stock Up and Exploit the Trump Economy. Burglary Resistant Safes.

June 2019
Inclusions, Impressions, Invasions, Successions, and Profits that are on everyone's mind. Working with Designers.

May 2019
Achieving more margin with a Unique Selling Proposition and a better way to capitalize on diamonds in your Bridal Business. Active Shooter Program.

March/April 2019
Attracting youthful customers through client development and inventory control. Family Business Succession.

January/February 2019
New Years Solutions, Being the Best Jeweler or Being a Private Jeweler. Video Surveillance Systems.

November/December 2018
Content that Builds Trust, Effective Alarm Systems, Inventory Management, Holiday Stress Relief and Looking to the Future. 10 Tips For A Sterling Holiday Season.

October 2018
New FTC Recruitment, Consultants, Creative Assets to support Marketing, Social Media, and Landing Pages. What You Need to Know About Data Breaches.

September 2018
New FTC Guidelines and Internet Tax Fairness, Inventory Management and Merchandising, Family Businesses. Difference Between Facebook and Social Media Strategy.

July 2018
Web Traffic and SEO, Finding Customers, Inventory, and Chain Stores. 10 Safety Tips for Jewelry Businesses.

June 2018
Mobile replaces Desktop, Messaging replaces Telephone, and #Struggles of Marketing. Safety Tips and Continuity in Family Business.

May 2018
CRM, Robbery Trends, and Doing New Things Old Ways. 3 Reasons Why Hiring Older is Smarter.

March/April 2018
Innovating, remarketing, and customer contact points as we approach Mother's Day. How to Hand Over the Reins of Your Business.

January/February 2018
Ways to hire better employees and web designers, ideas for greater sales, and maximizing store experience. 9 Steps to Protect Against Digital Attacks.

November/December 2017
Ecommerce to In-Store, How to Boost Your Holidays and Analyze Your Advertising Effectiveness Afterward.

October 2017
Death of Bricks and Mortar Retail: Fact vs. Fiction. Diversification and Protecting Your Business Against Threats.

September 2017
Strategies for how the Independent Jeweler can face Mother Nature and Stock Turn. 5 Tips for Competing with Amazon and 5 Frequent Website Issues.

July/August 2017
Staff Management, Future Tech, New Retail, Hiring Characters, the Simple IRA Plan, 5 Tips for Making Marketing Shine, and 5 Tips for Jewelry Photography.

June 2017
The Future of Retail, Selling to Families, Value of Small Investments, Keeping Your Website Fresh, Photog Tips for Jewelry, and Life-Saving Security Tips.

May 2017
Gender Equality, Your Financial Future, and Home Security while struggling with Marketing Your Jewelry and using the Right Website Software.

March/April 2017
Tips On Technology, Price Points, Incentive Programs and Websites. Time Comes To Ask For Help and Learn From Store Closings.

January/February 2017
Sins of Selling Fine Jewelry, New Products, and Synthetic Diamonds while Taking Steps To Stay In Business.

November/December 2016
Holiday Sales, Clientele, Leaders, Security, and Relationships with Social Media.

October 2016
Life Transitions, Work Transitions, Lab Diamonds and Cheaper Diamonds. Meanwhile Facebook is clobbering business reach.

September 2016
Dealing with the stresses of psychological injury, documents, business structure, planning for retirment, and the social media puzzle.

July/August 2016
Planning for a profitable future by understanding your customer and how to reach them.

June 2016
Finding customers through email and with sales in order to build your life long dream while avoiding bankruptcy.

March/April 2016
Store promotions and prosperity while avoiding employee lawsuits; then learning about wearable technology and prepping for e-commerce.

January/February 2016
Precious Metals, Portfolios, and Online Security in an Age When the 21st Century Jeweler Needs to Connect With the Social Audience.

November/December 2015
Add on sales and better retail jewelry business with website visitor tracking for a successful holiday season.

October 2015
How To Do Less and Make More Money in this Economy As We Prepare for the Holidays.

September 2015
Finances, Economics, the KPIs to Weather the Lean Years and Grow Strong in a Smartphone-Teathered World.

July/August 2015
Good Design, Contest Winners, and Poor Millennials... Go Out and Get it.

June 2015
Planning for Business, Marketing, College, Store Redesign and Website Redesign

May 2015
Reordering and Record Keeping to bring Traffic to your Store and Mobile Site, all while planning for Retirement.

March / April 2015
Reviewing 2014 and redefining your future in business, with insurance, and on Google

January / February 2015
Business Plans, Views, and Social. Are We Answering the Most Important Question?

November 2014
There is no Silver Bullet, and change can be overwhelming

October 2014
Selling Inventory and Understanding the Next Move of a New Generation

September 2014
Internet Sales Tax

June 2014
Managing, SEO, Selling, Shipping, and Death

May 2014
Countdown to Las Vegas

March/April 2014
Important Marketing & Merchandising

January/February 2014
The Best of the Best

November/December 2013
The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

October 2013
Your Resource for Building a Better Business

September 2013
Trend Spend The Millennials

July/August 2013
JCK Roundup & Growing Your Business

June 2013
Conversation with Yancy Weinrich

May 2013
Countdown to Las Vegas

March/April 2013
The Jewelry Business Magazine

January/February 2013
AGTA Spectrum Awards

November/December 2012
Happy Holidays

October 2012
Developing and Inventory Plan for the Retail Jeweler

September 2012
Festive Cheer - Getting Ready For Christmas

July/August 2012
Determining Inventory

June 2012
Successfully Selling Color

April/May 2012
11 Points of Improvement

February 2012
Designs on the Future

January 2012
Valentine's Day

November/December 2011
The face of - Roberto Coin

October 2011
Buy American

September 2011
Learn From The Experts

July/August 2011
Countdown to Christmas

June 2011
It's Show Time!

April/May 2011
Jewelry - the Gift Every Mother Loves.

February/March 2011
Visit the spring shows.

December/January 2010
Make the Most of Valentine's Day

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