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Friday, October 02, 2020

Are You Ready For The Post Covid Ramp-up?

According to highly reliable sources, half of all retail sales will be done by ecommerce driven by 2025, according to sources. The physical restrictions of Covid have fast-forwarded the inexorable move to marketing and selling online. Those not fluent in social media marketing and ecommerce may be left behind.

“Omnichannel” is the new paradigm. Customers expect to engage with stores through multiple intersecting channels —website, social media, phone, text, email, in store. They may see a ring online that sparks their interest. Next, they may search for local jewelers online. You do have a website, don’t you? to find your hours and location, give you a call, or live chat via your website. They may visit your store to check out what you have to offer while continuing to comparison shop online. You may close the sale over the phone, through email or text, or at your store. You must be active and proficient across the spectrum to engage your customers where they are or you will miss them.

Some Social Media Marketing Tips to “up your game”:
Define your “avatar,” your key client profile. Are they millennials? Gen Z? What’s their income and target price points? Are they self-purchasers? What’s their style—casual, eclectic, traditional? What kind of music, movies, books do they like? What are their hobbies? Outdoor adventures, yoga, cooking? How important is socially responsible sourcing to them? The more clearly you can focus on your target customer and you may have several different types, the more clearly you’ll know how to reach and appeal to them on social media. Facebook appeals to an older demographic. For Instagram, tune into key “influencers” and take clues from the styles of their most popular posts.

Stand out. Grab attention. Don’t be boring. Customers are exposed to thousands of images and ads daily. It’s not enough to post a picture of a nice piece of jewelry. Take a striking photo, preferably video both on a live model and showing close up detail of the piece from several angles. Photo quality and lighting should be very good with lots of light, but not look too “professional” or slick. Take pictures of your staff or customers (with their permission, or course) modeling the jewelry. (Tip: They don’t have to have bought it already! As they’re trying on a pair of earrings, compliment them. “These look so fantastic on you. Do you mind if I snap a photo and post on Facebook?” Encourage them to share with their friends for feedback.)

Headline is key. Take a tip from YouTube, another platform where you can also be regularly posting videos for example, show a custom ring being made. The thumbnail photo and headline are crucial. “Click bait” is the term for making the headline so compelling browsers have to click! Try a controversial statement “Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend! Want to know why?” Humor, an inspiring quote, or a confession “I must confess, I rarely shop in jewelry stores…BUT” Tap into current trending topics Search Google trends. Appeal to emotion. Tell a story.

Give value upfront. The online counterpart to a free ring cleaning. Offer something of real value that establishes yourself as an authority. Give a free webinar that customers have to preregister for you keep their email addresses on “How to choose an engagement ring” or “The lore and lure of precious gems” or “How to care for pearls and precious gem jewelry.” Offer a free download of a paper ring sizer, or chart of birthstones and traditional anniversary gifts.

Testimonials are gold. Collect quotes from happy customers with permission to use them. Offer $100 credit to your top 20 customers for them to make a 15 second testimonial video you can post on social media.

Find a problem. Fix it. Help identify your customer’s problem and offer a solution. Are they overwhelmed with the prospect of finding an engagement ring and don’t know where to begin? Appealing to an underlying fear or anxiety and offering a simple, clear positive solution is a winning strategy.

Sales funnels. Social media offers millions of potential new customers. Reach out to a new larger base. Tip: You’re not limited to your local area. Target a new national or international market. Funnel prospective customers through the steps of the purchasing process via targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram, leading them directly to a landing page with a specific unbeatable offer (“$19.99 pearl earrings Black Friday special”) where they can complete the sale with a few clicks. Gather data, especially emails and text phone numbers so you can regularly follow up with new leads generated.

Next time: Clinching the sale online through ecommerce. Websites and more!

Friday, September 18, 2020

See this 10-carat LGD’s color transformed from yellow to pink!

See this 10-carat LGD’s color transformed from yellow to pink! igi gems-77
See this 10-carat LGD’s color transformed from yellow to pink!

By Steven Rees, GG, Executive Director at IGI and John Pollard, educational consultant at IGI

Presto chango! Did you ever dye your hair? Paint your walls? Use an Electron Beam to change your diamond’s color?
It’s not science fiction. It’s real. It’s amazing. And the science behind it is totally cool. Let’s first consider that this beautiful yellow sparkler was an amazing accomplishment in itself: A whopping 10.06 carat Fancy Intense Yellow Lab-Grown diamond, previously submitted to IGI for full assessment and grading.

In July 2020 the owner, Ben Hakman of Diamond DNA, returned his beautiful stone to IGI for a second round of grading – following an astounding makeover. Upon assessment, IGI’s gemologists determined that – not only had the color been fundamentally changed to pink – the process had also increased the level of saturation to Vivid.

See this 10-carat LGD’s color transformed from yellow to pink!

Understanding the science
IGI was informed that the color had been shifted from yellow to pink through irradiation using a 5MeV Electron Beam Transfer system. IGI gemologists were able to confirm this using visible spectroscopy: The notable peak at 595 indicates irradiation. The second notable peak at 637 indicates the diamond’s nitrogen-vacancy center, which is typical of treated pink diamonds.

Distinctive inclusions
The HPHT process can result in distinctive inclusion types. Essentially, HPHT replicates the natural conditions under which diamonds formed 100 miles below the surface due to subduction: A carbon source, a diamond seed and a metallic catalyst go into an octahedral cell. The cell is placed into a massive mechanical press where the contents are heated near 1,500 C and subjected to staggering pressure. The melting metal dissolves the carbon and the pressure causes precipitation to the diamond seed, growing a larger diamond. The level of pressure from those presses has been compared to what you’d experience if you balanced a jumbo jet on the tip of your finger.

Since a metal catalyst is used some clarity characteristics can take on a decidedly metallic appearance, such as the rod-like inclusions within our subject diamond, which was originally grown using the HPHT process.

Many thanks to Ben Hakman and Diamond DNA for permitting the images and video of this landmark lab-grown diamond, transformed from Fancy Intense Yellow to Fancy Vivid Pink, to be shared here. I hope you find it as amazing, technical and awesome as I do.

For More Information:
See the imagery, before and after: Fancy Intense Yellow to Fancy Vivid Pink.
Via Youtube

View the Fancy Vivid Pink grading report.

See the Original Post via

About IGI
The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has 24 laboratories in all major diamond and jewelry centers around the world. For over 40 years, IGI has provided the fine jewelry community and consumers with a broad range of services including independent diamond grading reports, colored stone reports, identification and appraisal reports, diamond authentication and attestation of origin, laser inscription services, as well as the issuing of the traditional jewelry identification report. Regardless of location or marketplace, an authentic IGI Laboratory Report is the common language of trust and confidence in the gemological world. For more information, please visit:

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