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Easy Ideas For More & Greater Sales


Often little things can make a big difference. My husband always talks about this restaurant where the waiters throw rolls at you. Silly? Yes, but it's cheap, easy, memorable, and most important it keeps customers coming back. So what easy little things can you do to sell more jewelry (besides throwing diamonds at them)? Over the next few months, I will share some easy things you can do in your store.

Today's idea is for you to spend $27 to buy a phone charging station to put in your store for customers to use. Aleah, how will that help my business? The reason this simple idea is so wonderful is that It means people will put down their phone and look at your jewelry! Customers used to look in your cases when they were waiting on a watch battery or while their spouse shopped. Almost gone are the days when a woman would come in for a battery and leave with a $5000 bracelet, because customers are not looking at your jewelry they are looking at their phones, often while talking to you! $27 could lead to thousands of dollars in sales if customers actually look at your jewelry. Bonus? It also makes you look like you care about them since you are providing a service. Win, Win Win.


You may know that the chances of making a sale go up when a customer tries on a piece of jewelry. People are connected to things by touch. A study done with a car salesman found that if the salesman touched the customer's arm, the customer rated that salesman as being more kind, more friendly, and more agreeable. Giving out coffee in your store is also good because when people held and touched something warm, studies showed they had a more positive outlook than if they held something cold.

Get them to touch, feel, and try on your jewelry and you are a lot closer to closing the sale. So how can you get customers to try on MORE jewelry? Ask them to model it for your Facebook page!? This is win-win. First, the customer feels flattered and important. Don't forget how vital making someone feel important can be. It is one of our basic human needs. Something as easy as asking a customer which ad they like better or if they can hold this vase for a minute makes them feel helpful, useful, and important. Asking a woman to model for you makes he feel important and beautiful. Everyone woman would be flattered to model a piece of beautiful jewelry. It makes them feel like a star and jewelry sales are all about how the piece makes the customer feel. The second reason this is great is because today's customer wants an awesome buying experience. This is why people pay more for Tiffany's or Starbucks. They buy the experience. How great, engaging, and fun is the act of having your photo taken. By asking your customers to model, you provide a memorable experience for them. So, tell them to tell their friends. It adds to their experience.
BONUS if you can get them to share the picture on their OWN Facebook page you can reach a whole new audience for free.

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