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Pants? Who Needs Pants?

By Abe Sherman, CEO, Buyers Intelligence Group [BIG]

Somewhere over the past few months I heard about the “Zoom Wardrobe”. With so many people doing video conference calls, there is an interesting opportunity to consider the jewelry they are wearing during their calls. This fall, let’s make sure we have a good selection of ‘neck up’ merchandise; necklaces, larger earrings, color, beads, pearls, whatever! Just make sure you have enough of a selection in various price points to talk about with your customers.

Part of the client interview process (or, as some would call it, a needs analysis) could include the question, “how much time do you (or does she) spend on video calls?” I’m thinking that a trade-up to larger diamond studs event would be successful this year. Larger diamond hoop earrings. Larger gold hoop earrings. Larger everything.

Yes, we should include pearls, and beads and cool pendants in the conversation, but hey, let’s go crazy this year – how about we start showing brooches again! Do you have any in stock? This may be the year for your staff to start wearing pins again!

The Zoom Wardrobe is a thing.

Bee pins. Bee pins on a face covering. Bee pins on a face covering that has flowers on it! Bees on your shoulder, dogs on your lapels, dragons on a sweater or scarf. The last person who tried to make pins popular was Madeleine Albright when she was Secretary of State. She even wrote a book about pins! Who knew? It’s time to start showing them again, wearing them again, talking about them again.

About BIG Buyers Intelligence Group
BIG designs solutions for the myriad of merchandising challenges facing retail jewelers and manufacturers. BIG utilizes a powerful data analysis tool, Balance to Buy, to help consult with our clients and customize their individual experiences and results. For our performance groups, we dive deeper into understanding their entire business model. The ideas that come from these powerful meetings become actions; our analysis turns into profit and shared best practices create strategic plans for their future. For more information, please visit:

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