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Accessory Highlight: Kent Stetson

Accessory Highlight: Kent Stetson jackies purses-8

Written by: Jackie LeBental, Trends Editor
@Barriluxco |

Art and design come in many different forms. I happen to be totally in love with both the jewelry art form as well as handbag design. Since I was a little girl, I use to carry any kind of bag I could get my hands on along with putting on all of my grandmother’s vintage crystal jewelry. I looked like a little accessory queen even back then. When I was introduced to artist and handbag designer, Kent Stetson, my accessory dreams came true!

Kent Stetson a brilliant and bold artist who always pushes forward by reinventing himself, once a painter now a designer, has created the must have clutch for 2018.

Handcrafted and individually signed by Kent, the Geode Clutch collection features colorful Geode gemstone prints along with a gorgeous Agate center surrounded by sparkling crystal accents. There are 5 gorgeous prints to choose from and they retail for $230.

Items like this are great for adding diversity to a Retail Jeweler's inventory.

Available at

About Jackie LeBental
Jackie LeBental jewelry boss babe, owner of Barri Luxury Consulting and trends editor, provides jewelry brands, designers and retailers with personalized business solutions and extensive industry guidance. With over 10 years of sales management, growth driven results and an intuitive passion for goal achieving, she offers a fresh and honest approach to your business model.

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