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A Jeweler's One-Stop-Shop for Effective Social Media Marketing

The majority of independent retailers have come to understand that a solid social media presence, along with consistent social engagement, is key to their marketing efforts. There are three crucial reasons for this:

* This type of marketing can target potential customers more accurately than any other advertising media
* The number of unique visitors engaged on Facebook is over 164 million; on Instagram, it’s over 111 million
* Executed correctly, social engagement is the most cost-effective media with the greatest return on investment

Harmon, a marketing agency that has worked with a range of companies in the jewelry industry for over thirty years, recognized this need, and has developed an entire program to support independent retailers’ social media marketing efforts. But they didn’t just jump into the program—it required a lot of preparation.

“We’ve spent the last several years researching and participating in the social landscape,” explains Rick Arnemann, CEO of Harmon. “We’ve learned all of the intricacies needed to succeed in the social space, which is why we are consistently seeing response rates to our boosted social posts (posts that use paid advertising to reach a specific target audience) that are ten to twelve times greater than the average. We understand what works, what doesn’t, and what generates sales.”

With that knowledge, they created the Harmon Social Media Program for Independent Retailers. It’s a customizable social program that allows retailers to promote the brands they carry, their store brand, or a combination of both on their social media accounts.

“We are currently partnering with over 100 of the finest manufacturers in the industry,” says Arnemann. “Rather than post a single manufacturer’s products on retailers’ social media accounts, we’ll post products from every manufacturer they do business with. That keeps the content fresh and engaging. These manufacturers understand a comprehensive program like this is going be successful. That’s why they’ve partnered with us.”

Manufacturers send in their best products for Harmon’s photographers and videographers to shoot. They use their skills and equipment to create high quality assets, while Harmon writers craft targeted copy that urges consumers to take an action. “All of the assets we post on retailers’ social media are professionally-created and completely unique,” explains Arnemann. “You can’t get them anywhere else.”

Harmon handles all of the posting and boosting and provides a calendar at the beginning of the month, so retailers know what products will be promoted on which day. They also provide monthly analytics reports that break down the performance of every post.

While Harmon’s social media managers oversee and execute the entire program, to consumers, it appears to come directly from the retailer. All comments on posts will go directly to retailers to answer. “This is the first point of engagement, and we want them to welcome that potential buyer,” said Arnemann. “It’s important to establish that relationship early. We even make it easy for the retailer to know immediately when someone has responded to their posts by setting up notifications on their phone.”

“We provide everything that’s needed for independent retailers to take their social media account from a non-viable marketing channel to the most cost-effective advertising tool. The Harmon Social Media Program will create greater awareness of retailers’ stores to a very targeted group of jewelry shoppers in their market and generate sales.

For more information and to sign up for the program, visit,

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