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Why Do Women Love jewelry?

By Aleah Arundale

The following quotes are from people who communicate with Aleah on her Facebook account.

1. “Because, jewelry is the rarest and most precious materials in nature and is combined with the artistry and skill of humankind.”
- Michael Babinsky

2. “I love it because of how those beautiful gems work through the jewelry to be where they ended up.”
- Angela Lenocha

3. “Psychologists say: that when we look into it, it makes us feel we’re getting hugs.”
- Beverly Diny

4. “Accents their beauty.” – Tom Stoub

5. For individuality…for sense of worth…to know we mean something to the men in our lives. From first claw or shell on leather to today’s diamond necklace.
- Melody Yaeger

6. Because it’s personal. It expresses how she feels about herself or how someone else feels about her. It evokes memories and emotions.
- Kirsten Albair

7. Because each one [piece] marks a memorable event in life. A wedding, an anniversary, or birth. Each time it is viewed is a reminder of that time and joy. Look at your own jewelry and you’ll be reminded of the significance of each piece.
- Steve Laliche

8. Biologically speaking, as in birds, the male is the one with bright colors and shiny things to attract a mate. In our species, the female is colorful. I admit I like shiny things. They make me feel good, and my mate feels awesome when I am dressed up and on his arm. I can be his status symbol.
- Heather Ann Rankin

Editor’s Note: Aleah Arundale is a regular contributor to The Retail Jeweler. This issue she provides us with insight into a basic question of why women love jewelry. Aleah writes with a fresh, open approach to address selling situations retail jewelers face every day. She does this with a special emphasis on selling diamond jewelry. She does this work with humor and abandon that is refreshing. It’s all in fun and all in the goal of communicating good ideas for jewelers to use. The definition of a good idea is “if it works.” And, they do!

Aleah uses her website as a marketing tool to gather consumer information. The responses to her question “Why do women love jewelry? was posed on her face book account. Aleah told me “they all responded.” Due to space limitations, the following responses were chosen.

An important takeaway from these comments is there are many reasons why women love jewelry. Some of the expressions are personal, some are philosophical, some are practical. All are thoughts expressed that may help your sales staff understand the motivation of both male and female shoppers. Use these thoughts into the minds of your customers to your advantage and make more and bigger sales.

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