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Five Qualities of Great Leaders

Five Qualities of Great Leaders Bill Boyajian leadership-73 By Bill Boyajian

I've observed many different leaders over the years and have noted many qualities that are consistent with all of them. Here are five that I have seen in most effective leaders:

1. A Positive Attitude: People are attracted to leaders who are inherently positive and exude energy. They have charisma and create willing followers. It comes quite naturally. Great leaders show up every day with an optimistic attitude and a can-do spirit.

2. Vision: The most successful leaders take their dreams, formulate a vision, and make that vision reality. They know who they are, where they're going, why it's important, how to get there, and when and how to communicate it to those who follow.

3. Perseverance: In leadership, you're going to get knocked down plenty of times, so you need to have the resilience and a "stick-to-it" attitude to keep on going. A good leader has to be able to handle criticism and must be able to maintain confidence in the face of even grave difficulty.

4. Humility: Leaders don't think less of themselves. They think of themselves less than they do others. Moreover, they place the needs of others above their own. It flows out of strength and confidence, not from a low self-esteem. In fact, the most humble leaders have a very high self-esteem and a very accurate view of themselves.

5. Care for Self: Despite being humble, great leaders do not forsake taking good care of themselves. They know that their ability to perform is a direct result of their energy and personal well-being. So they make sure to get the right amount of sleep and rest, the right foods and dietary needs, and the right exercise to keep themselves in shape.

While there are many other traits of effective leaders, these five form the core of what leaders need in order to be top performers.

About the Author
An internationally respected author, educator, speaker, and business coach, Bill Boyajian consults for leading companies in the jewelry industry and is in demand as a keynote speaker by prominent groups from both within and outside the jewelry trade. Boyajian takes hise expertise to new heights with his book, "Developing the Mind of a Leader – Your Path to Lead and Inspire People". For more information, please visit:

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