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Five Ways to get Customers in Your Store

By Aleah Arundale

1.The Power of a Free Gift.
People want the toy more than they want the cracker jacks.
They want the fortune more than the cookie.
I’ve talked to jewelers where something as simple as a free stuffed animal has driven sales.
Free stuff gets talked about more than a discount.
What’s your free gift this season?

2. Get them in the door with Charity
87% of high-end customers are involved with a charity.
Make your store a drop-off station for Toys for Tots, canned goods for soup kitchens, or clothes for a shelter. This will get people in the door to drop things off.

3. The Focus Group
Invite customers to your store to help decide what new products you should buy.
Avendor brings out jewelry and customers talk, vote, and decide what jewelry is bought
This empowers customers and makes them feel important
Let them be a buyer for a day and everyone wins

4. Get them in the door 101 and TEACH
You sell the most when you don’t look like you’re selling
Instead of inviting customers to the store to look at rings, invite them to a diamond class
Teach a class on telling the difference between a real and an imitation diamond
People will love it.
Give people useful information and the will trust and buy from you.

5. Get them in the door with Animals
Have a cool fish tank or a friendly dog or even a pot belly pig.
People will come in just to visit.
One jeweler told me her dog is responsible for 27% of sales.
Don’t feel like adopting? Have a benefit for a local animal shelter instead.

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