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Friday, September 15, 2017

Evolving Role and Perception of Women in Society Creates New Sources of Diamond Jewelry Demand

New research published today by De Beers Group in its latest Diamond Insight Report reveals that shifting relationship dynamics, women’s expanding roles in society and changing perceptions of femininity are creating new motivations for diamond jewelry acquisitions.

Social and economic changes are leading to expanded symbolism for diamond jewelry, record levels of self-purchase and the establishment of new consumer types.

The Diamond Insight Report 2017 highlights the emergence of three key trends that are having a direct impact on how and why people buy diamond jewelry:

· First, changes to family and personal relationships are leading to diamond jewelry being purchased and given to symbolize a wider range of ‘moments’ in a life beyond those directly connected to relationship milestones. As marriage generally comes later in life, and as it is seen as a union between two equal individuals, women are receiving diamonds for multiple occasions both before and after marriage. Alongside traditional relationship milestones, diamond jewelry is increasingly being bought to celebrate occasions such as a new job, a promotion and personal achievements more broadly.
· Second, women’s increased economic participation and higher earnings are supporting growth in women buying diamond jewelry for themselves. More than a quarter of women’s diamond jewelry bought in 2016 in each of the four main consumer nations (the US, China, Japan and India), representing more than US$18 billion in value, was acquired through the self-purchase route. In Hong Kong, female self-purchase accounts for the majority of diamond jewelry sales.
· Third, a new perception of femininity is emerging that is more closely associated with strength and confidence, alongside more traditional attributes such as caring and nurturing. This is leading to diamonds being purchased to symbolize a wider range of emotions, such as joy, optimism and pride, and to the emergence of a new class of consumer: the mature single woman. Meanwhile, feminine success is increasingly being defined through qualities such as uniqueness and personal meaningfulness, and there is an enhanced focus on the importance of experiences, leading to greater interest in purchases that can reflect these characteristics.

Bruce Cleaver, CEO, De Beers Group, said: “These societal and economic changes will have direct consequences for a wide range of industries, but they are especially exciting for the diamond sector. As diamonds are among the most powerfully symbolic purchases, as they lend themselves to individual design, and as they are effectively a hybrid of product and experience, the new trends present a major opportunity to build on the existing base of demand.

“While the giving of diamond jewelry as a token of love and commitment continues to constitute the majority of purchases, it’s encouraging to see these additional sources of demand emerge. It’s also great to see women buying more diamond jewelry for themselves in recognition of their achievements, or simply because they want to and they can. The diamond industry now needs to focus on what female consumers are telling us about how they feel about diamonds and make sure that products and buying experiences match their expectations.”

Friday, September 15, 2017

Charles & Colvard Expands Forever One Moissanite Assortment with Exotic Gems and Coveted Shapes

Charles & Colvard Ltd. the original and leading worldwide source of created moissanite, today announced the expansion of its Forever One™ moissanite assortment with Exotic Gems, a selection of grand loose gemstones that range from six to 15.5 carats diamond equivalent weight as well as gemstones in three coveted shapes: heart, marquise and trillion.

“Our new Exotic Gems are redefining luxury,” said Charles & Colvard President and CEO Suzanne Miglucci. “These bespoke gemstones emphasize the revolutionary brilliance of moissanite and offer fine jewelry enthusiasts the unprecedented opportunity to create extravagant custom designs to add to their collections. We’re making aspirational more attainable.”

Charles & Colvard’s Exotic Gems are available in cushion, emerald, hearts and arrows, oval, pear and radiant cuts. This is the first time the company has offered moissanite gems in such large sizes. Each Exotic Gem is made to order and certified by Gemological Science International (GSI) to verify color, size and authenticity. GSI is an independent gemological organization committed to combining state-of-the-art technology with proven industry expertise and ethical integrity. Exotic gemstones are available to distributors and retail partners through Charles & Colvard’s wholesale division, as well as to consumers through the company’s e-commerce website

Charles & Colvard now offers fourteen shapes in Forever One moissanite: Asscher, baguette, cushion, emerald, heart, hearts and arrows, marquise, oval, pear, princess, radiant, round, square brilliant and trillion. Additionally, the company now offers baguette, emerald, hearts and arrows, oval, pear and square moissanite gemstones in additional sizes.

“We are thrilled to broaden our gemstone offering with our new Forever One shapes and expanded sizes,” said Charles & Colvard Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Don O’Connell. “Much like the unique qualities of our gemstone, our customers are looking for distinctive pieces to express themselves. In bringing these highly sought-after cuts to market, we’ve amplified the range of design options available to them, ensuring they will find a piece of moissanite jewelry that speaks to them.”

Forever One is the highest quality lab created moissanite that eliminates the artificial distinctions between value and beauty and offers socially responsible fine jewelry to the consumer who is thinking beyond traditional choices. Every Forever One gem comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against damage to the stone and any changes in color, clarity or brilliance.

For more information about Charles & Colvard or to shop for Forever One moissanite, please visit

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