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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

BOVET Grand Recital Receives the Aiguille d’Or Award at GPHG 2018

BOVET Grand Recital Receives the Aiguille d’Or Award at GPHG 2018 bovet grand award-68A jury formed of the greatest specialists in watchmaking awarded its highest distinction, the Aiguille d’Or, to BOVET's Récital 22 Grand Récital at the ceremony of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève on November 9.

The panel's watchmakers, journalists, retailers, collectors and designers applauded the imagination, inventiveness, engineering, and manufacturing excellence that led to the creation and production of the celestial choreography interpreted by the Grand Récital.

This timepiece incorporates rigorous timekeeping, useful, poetically orchestrated functions, and the harmonious blend of artisanal fine watchmaking and the noblest expression of decorative arts. The Tellurium brings to life the three celestial bodies that govern our everyday lives: the sun, the earth, and the moon. The luminescent painted details of the globe – which take over two weeks to produce – and the lunar engraving recreating the moon’s actual topography almost eclipse the mechanical complexity required to orchestrate this astral spectacle.

While the date appears on the front of the timepiece, it is only by turning it over that the collector discovers that this 705-component timepiece is governed by nothing less than a retrograde perpetual calendar, which alone accounts for three of the five patents present in this Grand Récital. The double-sided date display via a retrograde sapphire disc is certainly one of the most spectacular. Despite the number of complications condensed into this timepiece, a single barrel supplies the revolutions of the patented flying tourbillon while providing a power reserve of over nine days!

At the beginning of the year, Pascal Raffy, owner of BOVET, decided to promise his collectors the moon with this Grand Récital. With this Aiguille d’Or, he has also secured it for BOVET’s 105 employees and artisans, brought together by a common passion for watchmaking excellence.

About BOVET 1822:
BOVET is a Swiss Manufacturer of luxury timepieces. Since its foundation in 1822, BOVET has artfully combined the most sophisticated mechanisms with the finest craftsmanship, employing artisanal techniques such as gem-setting, engraving, and miniature painting. Under the visionary guidance of Owner Pascal Raffy, BOVET acquired renowned tourbillons and dials manufactures in 2006 and DIMIER 1738 immediately began producing the Maison’s movements, hair springs, and dials in-house. His passion for Haute Horlogerie also led to the introduction of the remarkable Amadéo convertible case system, which draws inspiration from the exquisite 19th century pocket watches produced by BOVET. Today, the House demonstrates its excellence through varied collections that encompass models as emblematic and remarkable as the Edouard Bovet, Braveheart, OttantaSei, Grand Récital, Astérium, and Shooting Star tourbillons, to name just a few of its icons. Today, BOVET has been rewarded with more than 25 awards and distinctions, honoring the virtuosity of the Maison’ artisans and their intangible passion to define luxury in its most noble expression. For more information, please visit

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Atlanta Jewelry Show Expands in 2019 Adding Two New Pavilions

In response to the needs of the AJS community, Executive Director Libby Brown announced the Atlanta Jewelry Show will launch two new feature areas for the 2019 spring event in Atlanta.

As the buying habits of today’s consumers evolve, independent retailers have adapted e-commerce strategies to enhance - not replace - their sales opportunities and grow their business. The AJS E-Tail Pavilion will provide products, services, and education to help retailers integrate e-commerce into their existing business model.

“Our commitment to fostering the growth and success of our retailers is the foundation for this investment into expanding the scope of the spring event,” Brown said. “We believe that our retailers are in a state of transition to compete in the digital marketplace, therefore we are committed to providing the tools and training to make that happen.”

The AJS Occasions Pavilion will include products that complement traditional jewelry store offerings, aligning to the modern needs of today's customers. Milestones often present the opportunity to expose businesses to a wider audience, and this increased pool of potential customers can dramatically improve sales, resulting in increased profitability.

Regarding the Occasions Pavilion, Brown said, “In an effort to stay relevent in the market place, many of our independent retailers have expanded the selections in their stores to include the non-traditional jewelry and gift items. The goal of AJS is to create the opportunity for the retailer to discover new products and services to generate additional traffic and increase sales in their stores.”

For more information on the Atlanta Jewelry Show expansion, please visit the AJS website at

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