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Friday, January 18, 2019

Stuller Debuts Newest Tools Catalog

Stuller Debuts Newest Tools Catalog Organized with the jeweler in mind

Stuller is kicking off the New Year with the release of its newest catalog, Tools, Equipment, and Metals 2019-2020.

The 750+ page catalog has been redesigned to make it easier for the jewelers to find what they need by organizing the products and sections by process. “The jeweler needs to the ability to shop quickly and efficiently,” says Tammy Lail vice president of merchandising. “With the new navigation, this catalog is the perfect bench guide.”

The new catalog layout includes:
* 19 sections, organized by bench jeweler process.
* A table of contents for each section.
* Color bars by process on each page to help quickly find products.

“In addition, we have tried, tested, and added tons of new product. At Stuller, we don’t give out the ‘tried and tested’ stamp that easily,” says Lail. “Our manufacturing experts work with a wide range of tools and equipment every day and we rely heavily on their advice when choosing which new products get added to our line.”

About Stuller
In 1970, Matthew Stuller founded Stuller, Inc. Headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana; the prime manufacturer provides a wide range of goods and services for jewelry professionals worldwide. Stuller’s core product categories include: bridal jewelry, wedding bands, fine jewelry, mountings, diamonds, gemstones, findings, metals, tools, packaging, and digital solutions. For more information, please visit

Friday, January 18, 2019

OWN YOUR STORY Launches New Fine Jewelry Line in the United States

OWN YOUR STORY Launches New Fine Jewelry Line in the United States  OWNYOURSTORY-72Established and coveted Turkish fine jewelry brand, OWN YOUR STORY announced its launch in specialty retailers across the US, Canada, UK for Spring 2019. The intricate, luxury jewelry brand is built upon the aesthetic vision of a design team with many years of experience in creating accessory collections for top retailers with a keen sense for translating fashion-inspired trends into timeless jewelry.

OWN YOUR STORY now brings its 3 generations of high-level hand craftsmanship and unparalleled experience with gold and diamonds to these new markets for the first time ever. Boasting a mélange of desirable pieces, OWN YOUR STORY brings to life a sophisticated, strong and elegant appeal through 14K gold and gemstones, focused primarily on white, champagne, cognac and

black diamonds. Describing a woman much the same way, the brand looks to the feminine form for inspiration and creates jewelry as unique and distinct as she.

The current collection is made up of seven groups, which offers a range of delicate pieces, in a variety of themes:
* The Cosmos is bursting with a celestial splendor which manifests itself through dazzling gold and diamonds.
* Linear focuses on elegant, clean lines and subtlety.
* Geometry is third with its juxtaposition styles, allowing the wearer to see things in a different way.
* Flow works with 14K gold and manipulates it into curved and softer, overlapping edges, giving off a more fluid approach to jewelry.
* Neo Pearl brings to the forefront one of nature’s miracles, meshing modern, bold design with precious pearls.
* Nature contains elements of leaves, butterflies and Mother Earth’s magic
* Day to Night is a transitional, day to play range with gold and dramatic diamonds readying you for whatever your day or evening may hold.

The brother and sister duo, Tina Farhat and Yomi Azar, present the family-owned business to the market with a fresh-feeling of authenticity to the fine jewelry world. The jewelry is designed strategically with an affordable luxury price point in mind – bridging the markets of fine jewelry and a must-have accessory to compliment fashionable ready to wear. NYC-based Creative Director, Tina Farhat comments:

“There is no force more powerful than a woman who recognizes her own potential. A woman truly comes into her own when she realizes and celebrates her dazzling ability to lead, to inspire and to create the future. We design our jewelry to replicate that sense of coming into oneself – this is jewelry that is personal, that a woman wears as a reminder of her own value in this world.”

“We’re thrilled to introduce our family’s passion for jewelry to the American market – it feels right to share my own story and encourage other women to do the same.”

“We’re thrilled to introduce our family’s passion for jewelry to the American market – it feels right to share my own story and encourage other women to do the same.”

OWN Your Story will be available to buy at select retailers such as Bloomingdales (in stores and online), Leeds and Son, Laviano, Panowicz, Little Treasury, Aha Life, William Barthman and Gary Michael’s. Median prices range between $500-$2500 USD. The brand uses recycled gold where possible and all diamonds are conflict-free.

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