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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

IGI Calls on Designers to Enter Global Online Jewelry Design Competition

The International Gemological Institute (IGI), the world’s largest independent gemological laboratory, is seeking the most talented designers to challenge their work and creativity via its annual IGI Expressions™ Awards. This year’s theme, “The Freedom to Dream” was selected to inspire interpretations of the word “dream” through an original piece or set of jewelry.

“IGI is passionate about contributing to the future of the diamond industry by supporting the next generation. This competition provides the opportunity for winners to have their designs manufactured and a platform to showcase their work,” said IGI North American President Avi Levy. “Our competition promotes creation without any restrictions on style or jewelry selection.”

The competition is open to everyone, from young students and up-and-coming designers to seasoned professionals. Artists will be able to upload a hand-drawn sketch or a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) file in one of three categories, millennial light weight jewelry, cocktail wear or bridal. Judges will advance a number of preliminary entries to a final round, after which six champions will be determined; the winning hand-drawn sketch and the winning CAD file in each category.

“The Institute is eager to experience the range of emotions conveyed in the designers’ artistry,” continued Levy. “Each year we receive dynamic concepts explored in various pieces of jewelry and our exceptional judges are required to make very difficult decisions.”

All participants will receive an official IGI Expressions™ Certificate. Finalists will receive Finalist Certificates and exposure on social channels. The six winners will see their designs fabricated by a contest partner, receive Champion Certificates and Champion Awards, a cash honorarium, exposure on social channels and recognition via press coverage, the Premium IGI D-Show and IGI Origin International Magazine. The winners will be announced on Oct. 28, 2021.

The Institute will be accepting jewelry excellence award submissions from September 22, through October 22, 2021.

To learn more, please visit

About IGI
The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has 20 laboratories in all major diamond and jewelry centers around the world, as well as 14 education facilities. For 45 years, IGI has provided the fine jewelry community and consumers with a broad range of services including independent diamond grading reports, colored stone reports, identification and appraisal reports, diamond authentication and attestation of origin, laser inscription services, as well as the issuing of the traditional jewelry identification report. Regardless of location or marketplace, an authentic IGI Laboratory Report is the common language of trust and confidence in the gemological world.
For more information, please visit:

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Platinum Branded Collections Continue To Thrive

Platinum Guild International (PGI) publishes the Q2 2021 Platinum Jewellery Business Review (PJBR), which shows that platinum jewellery, especially branded collections, remains resilient amidst a still challenging situation in retail in most markets. Based on PGI’s quarterly survey among manufacturers, retailers and jewellery consumers, the Q2 2021 PJBR report examines the sustained positive sentiment in precious jewellery consumption in Japan, the US and China despite headwinds from the new Delta variant.

The US: Strong consumer spending supported by vaccinations and economic recovery brought remarkable growth in jewellery retail sales, fuelling positive trade sentiment in Q2. According to the Q2 consumer survey, confidence in in-person shopping has also improved in the US: 63% of Americans felt completely or mostly comfortable about in-store shopping for jewellery in Q2.

Platinum jewellery unit sales from PGI strategic partners doubled, while ounce sales also jumped by 48% compared with the same quarter last year, driven by considerable growth in gemstone fashion jewellery and bridal jewellery. An increased number of retailers has created dedicated platinum programmes, especially via branded collections, leveraging platinum to capture high-spending consumers and benefit from high-ticket prices.

Despite strong competition from gold products, the popularity of platinum branded collections remained robust, as retailers continued to introduce new platinum products with innovative technology and contemporary designs through those branded collections to bring new excitement and novelty to consumers. This partly offset declines in generic products sales and resulted in 6% YoY growth in PGI partner retail sales in the first half of 2021.

Electroforming platinum could be a highlight in the second half as several manufacturers will launch and promote such products. Platinum jewellery with various materials such as coloured stones, enamel, and melee diamonds could provide the needed stimulus later this year to continue to attract interest from retailers and consumers.

With the pandemic ongoing and new Delta variant, uncertainty is a significant risk to businesses and industries. As retailers and businesses continue to improve dedicated platinum strategies and ensure a high-quality and safe shopping experience for consumers, PGI expects to see sustained recovery from most jewellery partners in the second half of 2021.

For the full PJBR Q2 report, please visit:

About Platinum Guild International
Founded in 1975, Platinum Guild International (PGI) is the world’s leading authority on the platinum jewelry industry and is dedicated to creating, expanding and strengthening consumer and trade markets for platinum jewelry. PGI has specialist teams dedicated to raising awareness of platinum jewelry, developing demand for platinum jewelry through consumer and trade facing programs in the four key jewelry markets of China, India, Japan and USA. For more information, please visit

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