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RJC Announces New Committee and Board Members

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the world’s leading standard setting organisation for the entire jewellery and watch supply chain, has announced new appointments to their Board and Committees at their Annual General Meeting (AGM) this week.

The RJC welcomed members to their virtual AGM, in which members participated from across the globe on Wednesday 5th May.

During the meeting, David A. Bouffard, RJC Chair, and Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Signet announced the results of elections to the RJC Board of Directors.

Elections were held in each RJC Member Forum and for Board officers.

Each elected Director will represent their respective forum in the jewellery and watch supply chain, from mine to retail. The appointments are:
· Ayesha Hira (Lucara Diamonds) - Diamond, coloured stones and/or precious metals producer forum.
· Didier Backaert (Bonas & Co) - Diamond and/or coloured stones traders, cutters and polishers forum.
· Ivana Ciabatti (Italpreziosi) - Precious metals traders, refiners and/or hedgers forum.
· Giorgio Bodei (Pomellato) - Jewellery manufacturer or wholesaler forum.
· Puni Mehta (DNJ Creation) - Jewellery manufacturer or wholesaler forum.
· Isabelle Poly (Piaget/Jaeger LeCoultre) - Jewellery retailer forum.
· Debbie Azar (GSI) - Service industries forum.
· Michael Lerche (Plumb Club) - Trade association forum.

In addition two officers were re-elected to the Board:
· David Bouffard (Signet Jewelers Ltd.) - Chair
· Peter Karakchiev (ALROSA) – Vice Chair

The Board and Officers will work closely with the RJC’s Executive Director, Iris Van Der Veken, and her management team as the organisation continues lead and drive forward responsible practices across the global jewellery and watch supply chain.

Today, RJC’s membership has grown in excess of 1400 members – uniting companies and associations with the shared belief that all jewellery should be produced responsibly, contributing to prosperity and preservation of the planet.

David Bouffard, Chair of the RJC, said: “I am truly honoured to be re-elected for a second term as RJC Chair, to welcome Peter Karakchiev, also re-elected for a second term as Vice Chair, and our new and returning Board members. Their input into the future development of the RJC will be vital, to strengthen the RJC’s position as the leading standard setting organisation for the entire jewellery supply chain from mine to retail. Together, we are helping transform the world’s jewellery supply chains to be even more responsible and sustainable. In doing so, we are strengthening consumer confidence in the global jewellery industry, and underpinning its future with greater trust, so people around the world continue to hold jewellery close to their hearts for centuries to come. I’m grateful for the support from Signet’s leadership team for the privilege of serving our industry’s premiere organization singularly focused on ensuring the continuous improvement in the integrity of the global supply chain.”

RJC Executive Director, Iris Van der Veken said: “It has never been more important that standards of responsibility are upheld right across the global jewellery and watch supply chain. We have an important role to play as the voice for the industry on its most critical sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. What unites us and our members is the shared belief that responsible business is good business, without causing harm to people or the planet. This is a process of continuous improvement. We believe in partnerships, by working together with member companies across the industry we can help to accelerate collective progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. We welcome our new and returning Board members and look forward to working collectively to drive this agenda.”

About Responsible Jewelry Council
The Responsible Jewelry Council is an international not-for-profit standards and certification organization. It has more than 1,200 member companies that span the jewelry supply chain from mine to retail. RJC Members commit to and are independently audited against the RJC Code of Practices (COP) – an international standard of responsible business practices for diamonds, gold, platinum group metals, silver and colored gemstones. The Code of Practices addresses human rights, labor rights, environmental impact, mining practices, product disclosure and man more important topics in the jewelry supply chain. RJC also works with multi-stakeholder initiatives on responsible sourcing and supply chain due diligence. The RJC’s Chain-of-Custody (CoC) Certification for precious metals supports these initiatives and can be used as a tool to deliver broader Member and stakeholder benefit. Through the implementation of the COP and CoC members contribute towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 agenda. For more information, visit

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