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JCK Tucson Announces AJDC Exhibition and Exciting Event Additions

JCK is proud to announce its partnership with the American Jewelry Design Council to showcase the all new CONVERGENCE exhibit, featuring one-of-a-kind themed designs from over twenty AJDC members, during the 2019 JCK Tucson show at the Marriott Starr Pass Resort, February 6th - 9th. In addition, detailed new themes for the In-Store Experience and Fireside Chats are confirmed and focus on the need to engage customers and heighten the in-store selling experience.

"JCK Tucson is proud to partner with AJDC, to showcase their latest membership collection entitled CONVERGENCE, as an addition to the prestigious designers, educators and networking opportunities, we have planned," said Katie Dominesey, Event Vice President, JCK Tucson. "Our In-Store Experience area and our Fireside Chats this year will focus on the customer experience and ways retailers can achieve and enhance sustainability and consumer engagement, offering retailers an opportunity to leave feeling inspired and with actionable takeaways they can implement in their stores."

Following its impressive opening at the Headley-Whitney Museum of Art in late 2018, CONVERGENCE, a unique curated collection of one-of-a-kind jewels or objects d'art from American Jewelry Design Council members, will be on display at the entrance of the Arizona Ballroom during JCK Tucson 2019. CONVERGENCE features nearly 100 selected works by AJDC members from the most recent of their annual design projects, including themes of ICE, WAVE, FIRE, TRANSFORMATION and STRIPES.

Twenty of these products will be on display.

Sponsored by GoGreen Diamonds and nestled into the show floor, the In-Store Experience area will highlight a different theme each day to inspire retailers with events they can plan in their own stores to engage their clientele.

Events/themes are:
* Salsa & Margarita Tasting
* Custom Calligraphy
* Bracelet Making

Powered by industry organizations like the American Gem Society and the Responsible Jewellery Council, these daily talks, panels, seminars and discussions will highlight relevant and current topics that will help retailers engage customers, enhance loyalty and convert shoppers to buyers.
* Can Inspiration Influence your Business? — Powered by AGS, this panel has designers and retailers alike discussing how they become and stay inspired.
* The Benefits of Acting on Corporate Social Responsibility — Powered by RJC and moderated by Brandee Dallow, this esteemed panel will explore the many benefits of having a robust approach to CSR.

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