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Join RJ into the webbed world of Spider-Man with the new ARRAW Spider-Man Limited-Edition Timepieces

Join RJ into the webbed world of Spider-Man with the new ARRAW Spider-Man Limited-Edition Timepieces Joining once again in partnership with Disney and MARVEL, Swiss watchmaker RJ celebrates an iconic MARVEL superhero with the new ARRAW Spider-Man limited-edition timepiece collection.

The series of limited-edition timepieces invites comic lovers, pop culture enthusiasts, and watch lovers to enter an exclusive webbed world of high horology. The series includes three distinct models: a 10-piece limited edition ARRAW Spider-Man Stealth Tourbillon in black carbon, a 10-piece limited edition ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon in red fiberglass and black carbon composite, and a 100-piece limited series of skeletonized timepieces: the ARRAW Spider-Man Carbon. Each design is a testament to RJ's quest to partner with like-minded innovators and to challenge traditionally held definitions of high-end watchmaking. With this series, RJ has defied the status quo while offering innovative manufacture movements that reflect the essence and style of everyone's favorite wall-crawler and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

U.S. shoppers can now discover these new high-end ARRAW Spider-Man timepieces in the U.S. at Westime Beverly Hills and Watches of Switzerland Soho in New York City.

Each of the two new limited edition Spider-Man Tourbillon models is limited to just 10 pieces each worldwide.

Since joining RJ in 2018 and leading a complete rebranding for the Swiss watchmaker, RJ CEO and Creative Director Marco Tedeschi has also, for the first time, created an in-house manufacture with the launch of the RJ Studio. The ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon marks the brand’s first movement designed and produced entirely in-house by RJ Studio: the RJ-7000, an exclusive tourbillon. The fully coaxial construction also features a unique peripheral display of the hours and minutes. To set the time, a concealed push button under the strap at 6 o'clock must be pressed while turning the hoop in either direction. Four sapphire crystals on the case back allow maximum visibility of the movement. The ARRAW Spider-Man tourbillon is available in two versions, the first in black carbon and red fiberglass composite, and the second made entirely of black carbon. Each version is limited only to 10 pieces.
A skeletonized spider's web: ARRAW Spider-Man Carbon

In addition to these innovative tourbillon watches, RJ also launched the new open-worked mechanical ARRAW Spider-Man Carbon watches, limited to 100 pieces worldwide. The open-worked model integrates visual cues from the universe of Spider-Man, including a skeleton movement shaped like a spider web, a red lacquered spider as the small second, and a highly durable black carbon case. The timepiece comes paired with a high-tech black polyamide strap imprinted with the Spider icon, designed to emulate the famed web-slinger’s stealth suit.

Each of the ARRAW Spider-Man timepieces come presented in a unique ARRAW watch box. The ARRAW watch box's characteristic round shape has been customized with Spider-Man’s attributes for this special limited-edition, this time presented in black wood, engraved with Spider-Man's logo and web. Like the super-hero and arachnid that inspired the series, the box perches atop eight metal spider legs that are permanently affixed to its side. Within, the ARRAW Spider-Man watches appear as if captured in a steel spider's web. The box's web-insert is removable allowing the packaging to be repurposed and enjoyed as desired.

About RJ
RJ designs and produces recognizable, ambitious, and culturally relevant luxury Swiss watches. RJ ARRAW, the brand’s core collection for men and women, is distinguishable by its RJ Bumpers™ and ingenious interchangeable strap system. RJ has made its own mark on modern watchmaking with its Collaboration watch series, which draws inspiration from icons of pop culture, from superheroes of DC Comics or Marvel like Batman and Spider-Man, to beloved video game characters like Super Mario Bros., Space Invaders™, or Pac-Man™. RJ has brought history-making material to the wrist with its DNA Concept watches, using steel from the Titanic, genuine moon dust, or remnants from the Apollo 11 spacecraft which first landed man on the moon. The brand was founded in 2004 and re-launched in 2018 under the creative direction of CEO Marco Tedeschi. Ever since, RJ proudly manufactures its own in-house movements at the brand’s headquarters, RJ Studio, based out of Geneva, Switzerland. For more information, please visit

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