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Forevermark Launches Bridal Campaign: ‘I Take You, Until Forever’

Forevermark Launches Bridal Campaign: ‘I Take You, Until Forever’ Forevermark celebrates honest vows and everyday moments of love and commitment with new bridal collection and campaign

Forevermark has launched its marketing campaign, ‘I Take You, Until Forever,’ to support the brand’s debut bridal collection, the Forevermark Engagement & Commitment Collection. The campaign explores the beauty and reality of the honest vows that a couple makes to one another and a more modern view of love and relationships.

The ‘I Take You, Until Forever’ two-minute film depicts scenes of everyday moments of love and commitment between six couples, three of which are couples in real life. The film was shot on location in Los Angeles by director Geej Ower, whose directing credits also include campaigns for Nike, and McDonalds.

Ower shares about her experience working on the project, “As soon as I read the script I immediately loved it - for once a brand was wanting to show marriage for what it really is; the ups and downs, the jokes, the arguments, the surprises, the small moments that go unnoticed. I always like making work that feels human and real, and that was exactly what this campaign was trying to do too. It was a new direction for the company so we all worked together closely throughout the process to ensure we were delivering the right message in the script and in every scene. We wanted it to be representative of all of Forevermark’s customers as well as appealing to a new audience.”

This week, the campaign went live on Refinery 29, The Knot, The Plunge and Hulu through digital display and video as well as paid search and social. The national digital campaign will run through holiday and will also include sites such as Bustle, ESPN, HowTheyAsked, The New York Times, Urban Daddy, and more. Print ads will also appear in Allure, Brides, ELLE, InStyle, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, People, and US Weekly. All campaign assets are available to participating Forevermark jewelers.

In developing the collection and the campaign, Forevermark conducted extensive research on consumers’ bridal design preferences and current attitudes around the role a diamond plays in a couple’s journey to forever.

Forevermark US President, Charles Stanley, unveiled the campaign to Forevermark partners in late May at JCK LUXURY and explained, “Forever is no longer a fairy-tale ending and is instead created through the commitments that a couple makes to one another daily. Today, couples feel that “MY” diamond means everything to them, and over time, it gains more meaning and is a constant reminder of their ongoing partnership. With the new collection, we offer our consumers a premium product with an emotional, intimate, and genuine campaign to raise your bridal business.”

In late June, Forevermark celebrated the launch of the collection of timeless diamond engagement ring styles and commitment bands at an intimate dinner in New York City. The dinner, hosted by model, activist and entrepreneur Ashley Graham, served as the perfect backdrop to showcase the bridal designs. Ashley spoke about her marriage to husband Justin Ervin, sharing the honest vows that have played a part in her and Justin’s unique journey to forever.

Ashley Graham explained, “I’m so thrilled to be here to support the launch of Forevermark’s Engagement and Commitment Collection. The honest vows ring so true to me, because honesty and communication have played such an important part in my marriage to Justin these past nine years. I’m happy when I look at my ring, and especially when I look at my diamond, but most importantly I love reminding myself that our honest vows are the key to our relationship.”

The Forevermark Engagement & Commitment Collection marks the first collection fully produced by the diamond brand, and each ring is stamped with the Forevermark icon inside the band. The collection features timeless engagement rings in round, oval, and cushion shapes, as well as commitment bands for women and men. At the center of each engagement ring is a Forevermark diamond with its inscription representing the brand’s promise that each diamond is beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced.

The collection includes 17 engagement ring styles with center diamonds ranging from .30 carat to 1.00 carat, with larger center stones available upon request, and 11 classic wedding bands. The Forevermark Engagement & Commitment Collection is set in Platinum, the white metal of choice for the collection. The strength and durability of platinum, along with its bright white color, match the quality of a Forevermark diamond and highlight its inherent beauty. Designs are also available in 18k yellow gold and 18k rose gold to round out the collection. To view the entire collection, please visit

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