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JSA Incident Reports

As a service to the trade The Retail Jeweler provides the following incident reports in an effort to assist jewelers and manufacturers in being aware of security risks and actions to be taken to avoid them. JSA recently reported several incidents of robbery attempts on jewelers and a jewelry traveling sales person. While each incident happed in a different section of the country, and while the methods used by the thieves were different, jewelers are advised to be aware of these cases and to go to the JSA website for advice on how to deal with each situation.

Redford, Michigan – December 27, 2012
At 1:15 p.m. the suspect pictured below went into a retail jewelry store and assaulted the store owner before smashing a showcase and stealing jewelry. The owner was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The suspect is described as a black male, 20s, 6’-6’2” with short black hair, a thin mustache and a small amount of hair on his chin. If you have information, call the Redford Police Department at 313-387-2551.

South Whitehall Township, PA – December 28, 2012
Three masked robbers broke into the home of the manager of a jewelry store. They held the manager at gunpoint and tied him with duct tape until his wife returned, when they also tied her up. While one suspect guarded the wife in the house, the other two suspects took the manager in the wife’s green Toyota Camry and drove him to the store at 7:00 p.m. where he was forced to open the safe. The suspects left the manager tied up inside the store and released the wife. The wife’s car has not yet been recovered. South Whitehall Township Police ask anyone with information to call 610-398-0337.

BLOOMINGTON, MN – December 8, 2012
After making a sales call at a retail jeweler, a diamond salesperson drove back to his hotel in his rental car. He parked near the entrance to the hotel and carried his briefcase and his line bag containing a large quantity of diamonds. As he was walking towards the hotel, he was pushed from behind by suspects who tried to take his cases. He held on to the cases and was knocked to the ground. He saw three males wearing ski masks. He yelled for help while holding his bags and several witnesses rushed to his aid. The suspects fled without taking the cases. Following the attempted robbery, the salesperson realized that he had been stabbed in the arm and he was taken for medical treatment where he received stitches. It was also later discovered that the right rear tire of his vehicle had been slashed. Information was also received from witnesses that the suspects fled in a black BMW 4-door.

RECOMMENDATION:Salespersons should take evasive driving action after every sales call or visit to a jewelry business in order to avoid being followed. Evasive driving action could consist of driving around the block, driving very slowly, making rapid U-turns or left turns, pulling into a bank or fast food restaurant and then leaving in the opposite direction, all the while looking to see if one is being followed.
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