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AGS Lab Releases Cutting Precision Analysis Software

On April 27, at the annual AGS Conclave in Miami, the American Gem Society Laboratories released a new software program that is free for private use. It is available to consumers and trade members alike. The software, AGS Visual Proportion Analyzer (VPA), calculates and graphically displays the cutting precision of the levels or tiers of like facets on a standard round brilliant cut. The software includes 20 sample scans that exemplify various diamond cutting characteristics as well as an instruction manual.

The VPA software is important for a number of reasons:

The software has applications in all segments of the diamond industry, from manufacturer to end user.

The software graphically validates claims of precision in cutting.

Retailers can use it to buy more effectively and to sell tech savvy customers.

Consumers can learn the software and use it to verify claims made by retailers.

To download, please visit and click on the download button at the bottom of the page.

The AGS Laboratories, established in 1996, is committed to protecting the consumer by providing unbiased reports based on the highest standards of diamond grading. Well-known for its famous cut grade technology, the American Gem Society Lab offers the premier scientific, peer reviewed, and repeatable diamond grading methodology for the jewelry industry.

For more information on the AGS Performance-Based cut grade system, or any of the AGS Laboratories’ products and services, please visit or email
AT: 05/14/2012 11:08:10 PM   LINK TO THIS NEWSLETTER

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