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Silver Promotion Service Participates In Golden Globes StyleLab

On January 10th and 11th, the Silver Promotion Service (SPS) partnered with celebrity jewelry stylist Michael O’Conner to showcase stand-out silver jewelry designs for celebrities and stylists attending the Golden Globe Awards. The StyleLab event included silver jewelry by GURHAN, Scott Kay, SLANE, Thistle & Bee, and VAHAN.

Success from the styling event was demonstrated by celebrities’ interest in purchasing some of the pieces on display. Stylist, Michael O’Connor stated, “People always think that celebrities never purchase anything that they wear to the red carpet. Over the past few seasons of working with the some of the great designs provided by the Silver Promotion Service I can put that myth to bed. During every celebrity styling event that Silver Promotion Service has participated in, the celebrities and stylists gravitate toward the beauty of the designs and natural white sheen of the pieces. In fact, at every event we have gotten requests from the borrowers to find out whether they can purchase the pieces borrowed.”

The assortment of silver jewelry reflected popular trends such as a multi-strand, mixed-metal-layered necklace by GURHAN; statement cuffs by SLANE and Thistle & Bee; stacked bangles by VAHAN; and silver cufflinks by Scott Kay set with precious gemstones.

The Silver Promotion Service was introduced in 2008 by the Silver Institute. The objective of the SPS is to develop and implement programs designed to enhance the image of and stimulate demand for silver jewelry in major international markets.

For more information on the SPS please visit
Contact: Isabel Cajulis
(212) 704-2084

Silver Promotion Service Participates In Golden Globes StyleLab Golden-Globes-Silver-Jewelry-Selection
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