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Introducing The Hard Rock Summit

The HardRock Summit 2021 is pleased to announce a new trade show event in downtown Denver, Colorado for the gem, jewelry, mineral and fossils industries from September 16 - 21, 2021. The HardRock Summit will consist of over 400 exhibitors, numerous educational sessions and important keynote speakers all within two key venues: “Evolution” for minerals, fossils and meteorites at the Colorado Convention Center and “Sparkle & Joy” for fine gemstones and jewelry at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. Leading trade associations such as the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) and the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) will have dedicated pavilions within the Sparkle & Joy venue.

The HardRock Summit 2021 is brought to you by a team of specialists, led and driven by its two co-founders, Christoph Keilmann, organizer of The Munich Show and Gemworld Munich, the largest trade fair in Europe for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, and Wolter Mehring, an international entrepreneur and gemstone industry expert noted for his role in the development and rapid growth of the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson, Arizona.

Keilmann and Mehring will lead a team of seasoned industry expert ambassadors - Alan Hart (Gemstone Ambassador), Manos Phoundoulakis (Jewelry Ambassador), Dave Waisman (Minerals Ambassador) and Kirby Siber (Fossil Ambassador) – to create an unprecedented, high-class event for commerce, connection and education.

Minerals. Fossils. Meteorites. Gemstones. Jewelry.
September 16 – 19, 2021
Colorado Convention Center, Four Seasons Ballroom

The Evolution area is a vibrant marketplace for minerals, fossils, accessories and other specialties with some of the finest dealers in the world. There will be a strong focus on US & International trade buyers, scientific institutions and private collectors, but is also open and welcoming to the general public. The HardRock Summit is also pleased to announce for the well-known Denver Gem & Mineral Show to hold their annual show for the first time at the Colorado Convention Center adjacent to the Evolution show.

Fine Gemstones. Fine Jewelry. One-of-a-Kind Pieces.
September 18 – 21, 2021
Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Plaza Ballroom

The Sparkle & Joy event is dedicated to fine gemstones and jewelry and collectible gemstone objects. It will feature exclusive workshops and hands-on training, international exchange, educational programs and live presentations. The venue is open to qualified trade professionals, buyers, retailers, press as well as invitation-only VIP consumer attendees.

“Denver was chosen as the location for the HardRock Summit because it’s a beautiful city with a rich history rooted in nature, science and mining as well as being a thriving business hub. In addition to the access to incredible accommodations, amenities and transportation – the public awareness and appreciation for minerals, gemstones and fossils is ever growing,” says Mehring.

The two venues are within walking distance of each other and are connected by a complimentary shuttle service, to allow visitors to easily move from one location to the other. “The HardRock Summit will be the central meeting point for all those who already are part of our

community and those who want to be,” says Keilmann. “In addition to our dedication to build a top market platform, our eyes are also focused on emerging trends, first-hand news from the industry and the joy of sharing experiences and conducting business together.”

Mehring continues, “My enthusiasm for creating an exceptional Summit that will bring together a variety of talent, exquisite product and excitement is without measure. We look forward to joining forces with the very best in this field to achieve a unique and enjoyable experience for all involved.”

“The health and safety of all attendees is one of HardRock Summit’s key priorities. We will steadfastly follow all CDC, state and local safety requirements. We’ve made a strong commitment to ensuring that both venues will provide a safe and productive experience for all who participate,” concludes Keilmann.

Visitor admission will be free to qualified trade show professionals and buyers. An admission fee will be required for the public with limited Sparkle & Joy event access. The different types of attendees – from trade professionals to VIP clients and the general public – will be easily distinguishable through color-coded badges.

More information on attendee registration, education, events and industry partnerships to be announced soon.

For those interested in attending, please visit:
For those interested in exhibiting, please visit:

About Hard Rock Summit
Debuting in September 2021 in Denver, Colorado the HardRock Summit is a new trade show event designed to bring the jewelry, gemstone, mineral and fossils industries, enthusiasts and collectors together like never before at two key venues: “Evolution” for minerals and fossils at the Colorado Convention Center from September 16 – 19, 2021 and “Sparkle & Joy” a destination for fine gemstones and jewelry at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel from September 18 – 21, 2021. The event will span over 80,000 sq ft of show floor space with 400+ exhibitors and numerous educational sessions. For more information, please visit

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