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The Select Jewelry Show Announces 2017 Locales & Exhibitors

Fall Shows Offer Hosting Packages, Great Jewelry Selection,
Chance to Win Purchasing Credits and Smart Education

The Select Jewelry Show is pleased to announce its 2017 Fall Shows in Dallas, Texas and Foxwoods, Connecticut. The Dallas show will be held at September 10-11 at the Ritz Carlton Dallas. The Foxwoods Show is September 17-18 at the Grand Pequot Ballroom and Tower at Foxwoods, Ledyard, CT.

These fall shows directly address the better jewelers fourth-quarter needs offering short ordering and shipment times and limited on-site delivery. The Select Show offers jewelers a timely chance to stock up and balance inventory before the Holiday season. Both the Dallas and Foxwoods Shows also offer smart education, the chance to win purchasing credits and an all-around relaxed shopping experience complete with great food and a festive cocktail party where attendees can mix and mingle.

“It’s an important time of year for jewelers and our exhibitors are ready to assist,” said Jordan Brockhaus-Spears, Select Show director. “We’re also very pleased to offer hosting packages for qualified jewelers.”

ABOUT DALLAS, September 10-11, Ritz Carlton Dallas

Dallas Exhibitors

A&D Gem/Dvani
ADA Gems
American Gem Society
Asher Jewelry
Beverley K
BM Designs
Coles of London
Color Source Gems
Crown Ring
DA Gold
Eli Jewels
Elite Designs
Frederic Sage
Gordon & Co
H. Weiss
HJ Namdar
House of Baguettes
Imagine Bridal
Jewelers Mutual
Jewels By Jacob
KC Designs
Maidi Corp
Martin Flyer
Mazza Co.
Meira T
Mercury Ring
Midas Chain
My Story Fine Jewelry
Naifeh Designs
Natalie K
Nava Dee -A.O.D.
Norman Covan
Norman Silverman
Officina Bernardi
Q Gold/Leslie
Raymond Mazza
Rina Limor
Roman + Jules by First Image Design
Royal Pearl
Rudolf Friedmann
Steven Royce
Variety Gems
William Levine
Yael Designs

Dallas Education
Sunday morning in Dallas features ‘Making the Grade’ by Susan Arlin of Brilliant Performance Group LLC and Monday’s speaker is James Porte, Porte Marketing, on Print, Digital and Social Marketing for Your 4th Quarter! Sessions are held during breakfast before the Show opens.

ABOUT FOXWOODS, September 17-18, Grand Pequot Ballroom and Tower

Foxwood Exhibitors

A&D Gems/ Dvani
Ada Gems/ Mordechai
Allison Kaufman Company
Armand Jacoby
C.G. Creations
Charles Garnier
Coles of London
Color Merchants
Crown Ring
David Connolly, Inc. /Jabel
Deil Joseph
Denny Wong
Fitzgerald Imports
Frederic Duclos
Frederic Sage
Commitment by Atlantic
H. Weiss
HJ Namdar
Horo Sales
Imperial Pearl
Jewelers Refining Group
Jewels by Jacob
KC Designs
KGM Industry
Leslie Brand by Quality Gold
Marathon Company
Martin Flyer
Meria T
Midas Chain
MWI/ Eloquence
Nava Dee – A.O.D.
Norman Silverman
Officina Bernardi
PeJay Creations
Presentation Box & Display
Rembrandt Charms
Roman + Jules by First Image Design
Royal Chain
Royal Jewelry
SDC Creations
Signature Engraving
Sterling Reputation
Variety Gem
Vivid Jewels

Foxwood Education
Sunday morning education at Foxwoods features ‘Stay in the Now’ with Jackie LeBental, Trends Editor of The Retail Jeweler Magazine. Monday’s speakers are Susan Arelin of Brilliant Performance Group LLC and James Porte of Porte Marketing Group. Both sessions run during breakfast, prior to the Show’s opening.

Both Select Shows feature the chance to win $10,000 in purchasing credits (you must be present to win) and a great Sunday evening cocktail party!

2017 marks the 8th Select Show in Dallas and the 7th year in Foxwoods. Full information on the show, as well as registration can be accessed at

To register or for additional information call 646-517-0660 or 800-552-3790; email; or click

About the Select Jewelry Show
These regional shows enable jewelry retailers to comfortably network and create lasting relationships with nationally recognized fine jewelry designers, manufacturers, and suppliers. The Select Jewelry Show was founded in 2010 by jewelry manufacturers Joe Carullo and Bryan Cohen. Having participated in many jewelry shows throughout their careers, Joe, from KC Designs and Bryan, from Timeless Fine Jewelry witnessed the decline of the effectiveness of jewelry shows as they became bigger, less personal, and more expensive. Together they set out to create an experience where fine jewelry retailers could meet with their suppliers in an elegant, comfortable, and manageable show operated by people who understand the challenges of the industry from the inside. The Select Show exhibitor base consists of 55-65 well-regarded jewelry manufacturers. With little overlap in categories they represent the cutting edge in fashion, bridal, and all categories a retail jeweler needs to achieve success. The Select Show is proud to be recognized and sponsored by such companies and organizations as AGS, Jewelers Mutual, and The Edge, which all assist in the success of the industry and the Show. The Select Jewelry Show is real people, retailers and manufacturers, working together to improve their respective businesses.
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