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San Francisco Bay Area’s Only Messika Experience Launches at Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry

San Francisco Bay Area’s Only Messika Experience Launches at Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry With Messika, for the first time ever, Silicon Valley jeweler partners with outside jewelry brand

Ultra-luxury jeweler and international treasure hunter Stephen Silver has found his latest treasure in the form of Messika, a French jewelry Maison favored by Hollywood stars like Kate Moss, Beyonce, and Gigi Hadid. For the first time ever in the company’s history, Stephen Silver will welcome an outside brand into his showcases at the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park with the launch of the Bay Area’s first and only Messika Exhibition experience. This Messika jewelry complements the high-end assortment of house-made jewelry that has long been Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry’s specialty, extending the store’s offerings with high-fashion styles at a more accessible price point. Stephen and Jared Silver were joined by Valerie Messika on October 22 to celebrate the launch of the new Messika Exhibition at the Rosewood Sand Hill.

Stephen Silver found a special synergy with Valerie Messika, Founder of the jewelry Maison, that drew him to the brand. The Silver family and the Messika family are both multi-generational jewelers with longstanding connections in international gemstone trading, and each takes an unorthodox approach to jewelry design, more likely to set a trend than to follow one.

Stephen and Jared Silver have made their niche dealing in important estate pieces, precious gemstones, collectible timepieces, and bespoke jewelry. Valerie Messika, meanwhile, set out to shake up the image, look, and atmosphere that has come to be associated with mainstream fine jewelry with fashion-forward, playful designs. Messika jewelry appeals to a contemporary and cosmopolitan demographics of Stephen’s clientele in Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and beyond.

Stephen Silver: “When we decided to expand our business a few years ago by introducing luxury timepieces for the first time, we laid out the criteria that we would only bring in outside brands that reflected our own values, those who had something unique and compelling to say through the products they created. Valerie Messika has met the same criteria. She has something unique to say, creating jewelry designs that transcend what’s been done before in fine jewelry. That’s why, after over forty years of business in fine jewelry, we are proud to introduce our first outside jewelry brand with the Messika Maison, and to bring the first Messika brand Exhibition to the Bay Area, exclusively at Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry.”

“I am proud to join the Silvers to introduce Messika jewelry to the Bay Area at Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry. This jewelry salon and its proprietors represent the character and modern mindset that we look for in our partners, and the perfect location at the epicenter of Silicon Valley at the Rosewood Sand Hill,” stated Messika Founder Valerie Messika.

About Stephen Silver
Stephen Silver is a Silicon-Valley based gemologist, geologist, diamonteer, and philanthropist. Over the course of the last 39 years, Silver has established a reputation amongst his global network of jewelry industry contacts and elite gemstone collectors for his expertise in diamond and color gemstone cutting and jewelry design. Intrigued by science and minerals from a young age, Silver studied geology at San Diego State University and earned a Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA. Stephen began his career in Los Angeles at one of the largest diamond and colored gemstone grading, cutting, and sorting operations in the world. Returning to the San Francisco Bay Area where he spent his youth, Silver founded an estate jewelry firm specializing in antiques and precious stones. There, he gained access to a number of history’s most important colored gems, including the famous Cullinan Blue Diamond necklace. He went on to purchase this historic piece and donate to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
Joined by son and Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry President Jared Silver, Stephen Silver expanded his business into a vertically integrated wholesale manufacture and retail operation of international reach, with two locations based in and around Menlo Park, California. Beyond his renown as a gemstone and jewelry expert, Stephen is also recognized in Silicon Valley for his extensive philanthropic work, having donated millions in recent years to causes in his community. For more information, visit

About Messika
Maison Messika was founded in Paris in 2005 by Valerie Messika. Surrounded by diamonds from a very young age thanks to her father, a key figure in international diamond trading, Valerie Messika creates pieces of jewelry that have a talent for making you fall in love and making your eyes sparkle. In fifteen years, the Parisian designer has founded her own modern jewelry house while also shaking up the image, look, mindset and atmosphere of the world of diamonds. Present in more than 55 countries and 450 points of sale, discover the captivating universe of this characterful Maison, which sparkles with a thousand lights and offers a decidedly contemporary feel. For more information, please visit:

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