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RingRescue Ring Remover saves rings, reduces liability for jewelers

RingRescue Ring Remover saves rings, reduces liability for jewelers RingRescue™ is the new Non-Destructive Ring Removal set that belongs in every jewelry store's tool kit! In the years past, the only way to remove a ring from a swollen finger was to cut the ring apart with a conventional ring cutter. RingRescue™ is designed to be an innovative practical tool that can be used by anyone in a jewelry store to safely remove rings from swollen fingers. Best of all, without damage to the ring!

Providing excellence in this competitive industry requires the best customer support tools. Whether it's a new purchase, or a family heirloom passed though generations, customers are emotionally attached to their rings.

Finger swelling may preclude ring removal. It may be a ring that is becoming uncomfortably tight or it may simply be time to update or resize a ring that just won't come off. Customers deserve every opportunity for nondestructive ring removal, should the need arise.

Ring Rescue offers a new, unique tool for your jewelry store, providing an exclusive service that customers will appreciate. Ring Rescue is an excellent way to raise and distinguish your service standards, inspiring customer loyalty to keep customers returning for your full suite of jewelry sales and services.

The service of ring removal may be billed to clients, or offered as complimentary. For your customers the value added is unparalleled. For your business, ring alteration and upgrading is the outcome opportunity.

Ring Rescue is simple. Apply, inflate, and within seconds the device is working, with uniform and measurable air pressure to decrease finger swelling and therefore decrease finger size, so that the ring can be removed. Return minutes later, remove the device, and attempt to remove the ring intact. Patients and customers are incredibly happy when the problem is solved with this essential tool, and ring cutting can be avoided.

Particularly challenging cases do occur, where advanced swelling or intrinsic finger size makes direct ring removal unfeasible or impossible. Ring Rescue will still work to reduce swelling and decrease finger size. The healthcare provider or jewelry store can still proceed with any other method of ring removal, with the added advantage of the finger size reduction, making these other procedures easier to perform. If the ring still doesn’t come off after Ring Rescue use, the process of ring cutting is technically easier when swelling is improved.

Ring Rescue provides a must-have tool for the emergency medicine and jewelry industry toolbox.

For more information on how Ring Rescue can be used by jewelers, please visit: or watchthis informational video.

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