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Gemological Science International President Debbie Azar, Appeared on Six Broadcast Interviews for Valentine’s Day

Debbie Azar, President and Co-Founder of Gemological Science International (GSI), was interviewed on six major broadcast outlets where she was invited to speak as an industry expert in the lead up to Valentine’s Day 2020. Azar was asked to comment on various industry topics including jewelry trends and brands, sustainability and the importance of GSI certificates so consumers can make informed purchases when buying diamonds and jewelry.

Azar started with a live appearance on WCBS New York’s Sunday morning show on February 9th with Anchors Cindy Hsu and Steve Overmayer. Cindy Hsu stated, “So if you are shopping and say ‘Hey I need that GSI certificate, if they don’t have it that’s no good?’” Azar responded, “Any reputable jeweler should be able to provide you with a grading report from a legitimate laboratory like GSI”.

On Monday February 10th, Azar appeared live in studio on Bloomberg Radio’s Bloomberg Markets program with Paul Sweeney and Lisa Abramowicz where the topic of increased consumer interest in sustainability and social responsibility arose. Azar explained, “The diamond industry provides job opportunities to people in some of the most remote regions of the world.” She added, “Botswana is the world’s greatest development success story because of diamonds. The economic stability our industry provides helps to provide basic infrastructure, healthcare, education and clean water. “

On Wednesday, February 12th, Azar appeared live on the Fox Business Network show Varney & Co. where she and host Stuart Varney, discussed consumer purchasing on Valentines Day. Varney asked, “What’s the best diamond to give on Valentines Day”. Azar answered, “All diamonds! Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about engagement. Diamonds and jewelry can be used to celebrate milestones and other important events”. Later that evening, Azar appeared on Fox 5 New York’s 6:00 PM evening news segment “Where’s You Get That’s” with Host Christal Young where Young discussed “Diamonds 101” and showed clips from her visit to GSI laboratory in NYC where she observed a diamond under the microscope and learned the importance of a GSI certificate and all the important work that laboratories like GSI do for the industry. Young also got to see some of the latest trends and brands in the industry that were displayed at GSI’s headquarters including Leo Diamonds and First Light by Leo Schachter, Kleinfeld Fine Jewelry Collection, Vera Wang Love, Rock Solid Diamonds, Forever Ideal Diamonds, Levian, Zales Private Collection, and many others.

Azar went live on air with Bloomberg Businessweek host and Bloomberg TV Bureau Chief Jason Kelly on Thursday, February 13th about transparency, consumer confidence , lab grown diamonds and jewelry trends. In light of that morning’s GMA Investigates segment about what consumers need to know when buying a diamond, Azar emphasized the importance of grading reports from legitimate laboratories and buying diamonds and jewelry from reputable jewelry retailers. “Consumer confidence is the heart of our industry. GSI grading reports are important- not just for the consumer but for retailers as well. Some of the largest and most reputable retailers in the world like Zales, Kay Jewelers, Jared, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Helzberg, Reeds and many others, rely on grading reports from GSI so they know that the diamonds and jewelry they are selling to their customers are accurately represented” said Azar.

On Friday, Valentine’s Day, Azar was live at Nasdaq’s Marketsite to appear on its signature “TradeTalks” program – where she discussed consumer spending for Valentine’s Day, slated for up to $5.8 billion according to National Retail Federation. In addition to decking out show host Jill Malandrino in some of the latest jewelry trends, they discussed the importance of sustainability and social responsibility in the industry. “The diamond industry provides a magnitude of social and economic benefits and sustains local economies and countries where diamonds are mined, polished and jewelry is manufactured”. Azar explained.

Azar said “It’s important for everyone in the industry to use their platforms to send positive messages about our industry, all the good diamonds do around the world and most importantly our commitment to transparency and consumer confidence throughout the entire global supply chain.”

About Gemological Science International (GSI)
Gemological Science International (GSI) is the only major gemological organization established in the 21st century. Founded in 2005 in New York City, it has grown to become one of the largest gemological entities in the world with 13 lab facilities spanning four continents. Utilizing leading-edge processes and proprietary technologies, GSI provides manufacturers and retailers globally with a wide range of gemstone identification and grading services. The company is committed to advancing gemological research through its Research Center, and it offers gemological educational programs for trade professionals and the general public at all levels. For more information, please visit

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