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Christian Tse And Desktop Metal Partner To Bring Metal 3D Printing to the Fine Jewelry Industry

Christian Tse And Desktop Metal Partner To Bring Metal 3D Printing to the Fine Jewelry Industry Award winning jewelry designer Christian Tse has partnered with Desktop Metal, the Burlington, MA based metal 3D printing pioneer, to bring the world’s first office-friendly, metal 3D printing technology to the jewelry industry.

The Desktop Metal Studio System™ allows jewelers to safely produce highly detailed custom jewelry, tooling and metal molds in-house, both in volume and with mass customization, with no major office alterations.

Christian Tse’s California based company Formula 3D will serve as marketing and sales agency for Desktop Metal, launching this ground-breaking, innovative technology to the jewelry industry at the JCK Las Vegas show May 31st – June 3rd in the Essentials & Tools neighborhood, booth #55-087. Formula 3D will present the technology during the JCK Think Tank on Sunday, June 2nd at 1:00 pm.

“The Studio System is a jewelry maker’s dream,” says Christian Tse. “The speed and accuracy of this system is coupled with the safety of being able to touch the materials and the convenience of being able to create the goods in-house with no major renovations. This puts the entire production process literally in the hands of the designer. And the batch processing will facilitate faster turn-around times for orders, allowing partner retailers to exceed their customer’s expectations. This is exactly the kind of technology that the designer jewelry industry needs to increase jewelry manufacturing in the U.S. and to keep up with the demands of our high-tech consumers who are accustomed to instant gratification.”

The Studio System is designed to make metal 3D printing more accessible, enabling designers to print metal jewelry faster, without the need for special facilities, dedicated operators, or expensive tooling. The three-part solution, including printer, debinder and furnace, automates the metal 3D printing process by tightly integrating through Desktop Metal’s cloud-based software to deliver a seamless workflow for printing complex metal designs in-house—from digital file to finished jewelry. The system’s high resolution printhead, with supporting software profiles, allows for smaller parts with finer features and an improved surface finish, making it ideal for intricate designs, tools and customization. Prototypes for new jewelry designs can be made in a matter of hours. Stainless steel materials are currently available, and precious metal options are actively being developed for end use in fine jewelry.

“This is a game changer for the fine jewelry industry,” says Ric Fulop, CEO and Co-founder of Desktop Metal. “Previously jewelers had to rely on a slow and costly outsourcing production process, taking weeks or even months to finalize a wax carving into a piece of fine jewelry. Now, designers can create a custom piece with exquisite geometry right in their own shop from a CAD drawing and have it retail-ready in days. The affordability, safety and batch processing efficiency of the Studio System will also allow more designers than ever before to enter the fine jewelry arena.”

Debut at JCK Las Vegas 2019(Booth #55-087)
At the JCK Las Vegas Show, the jewelry industry’s largest annual trade event, Formula 3D and the Desktop Metal team will debut several pieces designed by Christian Tse and made on the Studio System. Additionally, as a finalist in the “JCK Think Tank” competition for 2019, Tse has also earned the opportunity to present the exciting new technology in a live presentation before a panel of industry judges for a chance to win more show exposure and a discounted booth at the 2020 JCK Las Vegas Show. Tse’s Think Tank presentation is scheduled for Sunday, June 2nd at 1pm on Level 2 of the showcase stage. Interested jewelers attending JCK Las Vegas can meet with Christian Tse at booth #55-087 in the Essentials & Tools area on Level 1 to learn more about how the Studio System can benefit their business or to see the jewelry designs being made at the show. Interested jewelry professionals can also visit

The complete Studio System is available for lease starting at less than $6,000 per month or for purchase for $160,000 upfront. Materials currently available with the Studio System include an engineering materials set, featuring 17-4 and 316L stainless steel, which allows jewelers to easily become accustomed to the metal 3D printing technology, with several precious metals in development. Formula 3D will also offer a manufacturing service for designers for an affordable fee to print/produce new jewelry styles on the Studio System in their California studio, based solely on the designer’s CAD files.
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