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Trend-Spotting at the 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards

The annual AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition provides editors and stylists with an opportunity to see the newest trends in jewelry design and use of color. Each of the participating designers has their own motivation and inspiration when it comes to the pieces they submit, but when analyzed together, they reveal some interesting trends.

Best Use of Platinum & Color: aquamarine and diamond platinum ring by Michael Endlich
Blue was the predominant color in the entries, with almost 20% of entries featuring a shade of blue. Green and multi-colored entries followed with 13% each. White, orange and pink followed closely behind with just under 10% each. So, what does this tell us? It shows that the blue/green trend continues to be strong going into 2012. The use of multiple colors in jewelry plays to a client’s desire to be able to wear a piece with more than one outfit or to use colors to create a feel with a certain palette, whether that is subdued or bold.

Business/Day Wear 2nd Place: pink sapphire and diamond palladium ring by Michele Mercaldo
AGTA Spectrum Award entries came in yellow, white, rose and green gold; platinum, palladium and silver. Yellow gold was by far the metal of choice for designers with 40% of the entries. The next most popular metal was white gold at 24%, followed by platinum at 16%. The interesting trend looking at this category is that platinum accounted for 36% of the winning selections. Palladium was used in 18% of the winners even though it was only submitted in 6% of the total entries. So, it seems clear that designers are still using yellow or white gold in their designs despite the increases in gold prices. And it is also apparent that this year’s judges preferred pieces set in white metal, whether it was platinum, palladium or white gold. Can future Spectrum Awards entrants see that as a trend when considering what to enter next year? Not really, as the judges, and their aesthetics, change each year. This makes it difficult to prescribe a winning formula for a Spectrum Awards piece other than using beautiful materials and quality workmanship.

Jewelry photos by Sandro de Carvalho. Top: Best Use of Platinum & Color, aquamarine and diamond platinum ring by Michael Endlich, Pave’ Fine Jewelers. Bottom: Business/Day Wear 2nd Place, pink sapphire and diamond palladium ring by Michele Mercaldo, Michele Mercaldo Contemporary Jewelry.

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