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GIA Creates 4Cs App for Consumers, Retailers

GIA has announced the introduction of a new interactive diamond tool designed to engage and educate consumers. The application uses the latest technology to help educate consumers on the 4Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight) of diamond quality. The new GIA 4Cs Ipad application (app) for consumers is now downloadable for free on iTunes.

A retailer version of this app, designed to be used at point of sale, is also downloadable for free from GIA’s retailer support site www.retailer.gia.ed.

Both versions of the app feature video and interactive tools that teach consumers how GIA grades diamonds using the 4Cs. The app explains the GIA grading scales for color, clarity, and cut, and how diamond grades can affect value. The app also explains the origins of the carat system, and provides information about fluorescence, diamond treatments and synthetics.

Using these interactive tools, consumers can explore:
How diamond color changes across the GIA D-to-Z Color Scale
Typical inclusions and blemishes at various points in the GIA Clarity Scale
A diamond’s anatomy and how various parameters influence a diamond’s cut grade
How a diamond’s size changes by carat weight and compare the sizes of different diamonds.

A GIA Grading Report Anatomy to understand the different elements of a GIA report is also included.

A special feature on the app’s consumer version, “My Diamond Wish List” enables a consumer to keep a record of the diamonds they’ve seen and considered. Consumers can enter and store a diamond’s relevant information, including its report number, 4Cs information, price, image, and the retailer’s address and contact information. If the diamond comes with a GIA report, the grading information will populate automatically from the GIA Report Check.

The app also features direct access to GIA Report Check, a secure online database of GIA grading reports. Consumers can verify the contents of a GIA report and view a PDF version of that report -- directly from their iPads -- simply by entering a GIA report number and carat weight. This feature also provides retailers the benefit of using reports as selling tools in a quick and convenient method.

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