b'BABY BOOMERS 1. Take Advantage of Brand LoyaltyAnnual Spend: $548.1 billion If you empathize that your store offers quality brands and reputable service this Social media channel of choice: Facebook customer would most likely be interested in styles that are considered classic Most responsive to: Traditional Advertising for an indefinite amount of time.Key Characteristics: 2. Go for the Up-Sell Holds customer service above all other factors A great way to capitalize on the extra cash Baby Boomers are dishing out is toUnlikely to test new products/maintainsutilize up-selling. Upselling can also help build better relationships with your brand loyalty customers; its also much easier to upsell than to generate a net-new sale! Highest percentage to prefer in-store shopping 3. If It Aint Broke, Dont Fix It Prefers to purchase locally rather than online Thisgenerationisthemostsusceptibletotraditionalmarketingandsales Prefers simplicity and easy to understandtactics. Boomers tend to want to talk to a real person before they make a content purchase. Marketing tactics seen as intrusive on their personal lives are not welcomed, but traditional television and newspaper ads are okay! Strong Silver Collections that appeal to Baby Boomers for their years of providing classic timeless styling. E.L Designs Designing and making handcrafted jewelry since 1960. Sterling bracelet with 14K bezeland 5mm faceted blue topaz.MSRP$ 385 eldesigns.com800.828.1122 Frederic Duclos Creating award winningsilver designs since 1984. Sterling link braceletKeith Jack designs are strengthened by hisMSRP $249 ability to blend ancient Celtic symbolism withfredericduclos.comcontemporary style and elegance. 866.898.3636Sterling silver & 22k gold gilded necklace. MSRP $230 keithjackjewelry.com 604.971.4367Hope Faith Miracles Where there is Hope,there is Faith. Where there is Faith ,Miracles happen.Sterling pierced filigree cuff MSRP $179hopefaithmiracles.com 843.298.0764 Phillip Gavriel jewelry is not only rich in its heritage, but beautiful and wearable by everyone. Sterling popcorn tally cuff with 18k & diamonds MSRP $1000 phillipgavriel.com 800.622.0960There is a huge opportunity to grab those extra dollars that Boomers are dishing out! Boomers are more likely going to be okay with splurging on themselves in retirement. THE RETAIL JEWELER |21'