b'CURATE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERGet Social with GEN Z Generation Z covers anyone who was born between 1995 to1. Sell experiences, not productsthe mid-2000s, and this demographic makes up 32% of theMembers of Gen Z arent interested in hard sells. Because global population. Digitally savvy, they grew up with smarttheyvegrownupwiththeinternet,theyreimmuneto mobilephonesandiPads.Theydontrememberatimeobvious marketing campaigns. They dont want to hear about before the internet. Gen Zers has fewer people spending aswhy your product is so amazing; they want to know how it will a generationbut a they are active buyers and spend morebenefit them.money per year, through more transactions, than any other generation. With limited responsibilities and many living with2. Video, video, videotheirparentstheymainlyspendonretail,restaurants,andVideo content is key. A Google Survey revealed that YouTube entertainment.is the first platform Generation Z turn to when they want to be cheered up or entertained. With Gen Z, a captive audience on GEN Z YouTube, its the perfect place to hook them. Its crucial you Annual Spend: $143 billion get it right. Instagram is also huge, especially with Instagram Social media channel of choice: Tok-tok, Snap Chat, YouTube Stories, and your website needs video content, too.Most responsive to: Video, influencers3. Think Micro InfluencerKey Characteristics: Micro-influencers are defined as anyone who has a followingDistrusting of branding and advertising of between 1,000 and 100,000 on social media. They actuallyPrefers testimonials/influencer content drivemoreengagementthantheircelebritycounterpartsPrefer to see real people in real situations because Gen Z can relate to them.Prefer brands that contribute to social and economic causes Most likely to pre-shop on smartphonesSilver collections that appeal to the senses of Gen Z Piazza di Spagna is made in Italy Adel Chefridi, we select onlywith sterling silver, its fashionable, the finest materials using ethicaldelicate style appeals to female suppliers, stand behind ouradult buyers looking for affordable workmanship and treat eachluxuries.other and our clients with respectSterling silver Italian oversized and kindness; striving to be ininitial necklace MSRP $119harmony with what is around us. royalchain.comSterling and sapphire memories212.382.3340 pendant MSRP $375Chefridi.com845.684.5185Samuel B supports FeedingAmerica and for every piece of jewelry purchased SAMUEL B will donate ten meals. To date over 309,000 meals have been donated Feeding America.Sterling & black onyxhonesty earrings MSRP $267516-466-1826wholesale.samuelb.comSOURCES: Resources for this article include Pew Research Center, Green Buzz Agency, NRF, The Center for Generational Kinetics, Business 2 Community, Epsilon-Conversant & Hallam. THE RETAIL JEWELER |25'