b'CURATE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERMarket to MillennialsMillennials were born between 1981 and 1999 and came of1. Use Reviews!age during the early 2000s. Millennials are starting to earnMillennialsarereshapingthewaythatgoodsandservices morenow.Theyreestablishingtheircareers,payingoffarebeingmarketedbystayingunresponsivetotraditional studentloans,gettingmarriedandhavingfamilies.Theirmarketing tactics. 68% report that they wont make a major spending power is growing larger, but budget restraints resultdecision until they have discussed it with people they trust. A inlessspendpertransaction.Theyaretheleastfrequentgreat way to market to this generation indirectly is to make sure in-store shopper. This generation is the most responsive toyour online reviews and customer experiences are up to par!onlineshoppingopportunitiesandrecommendationsfrom friends and family.2. Social Media IncentivesTo try and harness the power of a millennial on social media, MILLENNIALS add incentives to your marketing plan. According to Yahoo, Annual Spend: $322.5 billion 63% of millennials would be more likely to check-in to a Social media channel of choice: Instagram, Facebook,business on social channels if it meant theyd receive a coupon Pinterest or discount; 20% off is enough of an incentive to prompt 50% Most responsive to: Reviews, Blogs of respondents to visit a retail location. Key Characteristics: 3.Try Radio Commercials The largest group in the work force Radio advertising may seem like an old-school marketing trickDoes not like traditional ads but 93% of millennials report listening to the radio for a totalPrefers user-generated content, social selling, word of mouth of around 11 hours per week. In fact, more millennials listen toVery price conscious and seeks the best value the radio than Gen Xers or Baby Boomers, and podcasts areMotivated by brand engagement, especially through becoming just as popular as Netflix shows.social mediaSatisfy the Millennials with Silver . collections that offer lasting style and value: Kelim timeless matteKIR creates a versatile and sterling silver designs thataccessible collection, an expression are fresh and classic neveryour personal style.trendy.Signature sterling & diamondSterling wheat postring MSRP $145 kircollection.com earrings MSRP $195303.530.1268kelimjewelry.com 301.448.7367Michou Art to Wear a distinctive collection of silver that speaks to women all over the world.Sterling silver & 22k gold vermeil bracelet with Bella Cavo Bella Cavo offers the largest collection ofperidot, white freshwater pearl, & garnet MSRP $594 flexible sterling silver bracelets and rings in the industry. michoujewelry.com 530.525.3320Sterling box link cuff bracelet with simulated birth gem MSRP $114.95 kellywaters.com 800.647.7017 THE RETAIL JEWELER| 23'