b'SPSDirectorMichaelBarlerincommented,TheSilverLab).Thistechnicalaccreditationwasissuedinpartbased PromotionServiceishonoredtoservethejewelryindustryon GCAL is the only gem lab in the world to be ISO 17025 as the source for great silver jewelry collections, timely retailForensic Accredited, as well as the knowledge of its technical research data and merchandising information. The updates toexperts. savorsilver.com directly benefit retailers with easy and efficient access to the information they need and the on-trend silverIn its Gem Identification Laboratory Accreditation Report, SCS styles they are seeking. confirmed that GCALs New York City Laboratory meets the accreditation criteria as a Gem Identification Facility required The updates to the site enhance the silver discovery experiencefor Origin Traceability Assurance under the SCS-007 Jewelry foranyretailervisitingsavorsilver.com.Marketresearch,SustainabilityStandardSustainabilityRatedDiamondsfor newsletters, and curated fine silver jewelry from Savor Silverqualifying accredited sources of certified diamonds. participants from around the world are all available at the click of a button. Specific savorsilver.com updates include: ThisSustainabilityRatedDiamondsStandardisthefirstAll-newSilverNewstab,featuringTrends,Silverinthecomprehensive,multi-stakeholdersustainabilitystandard News, Silver Spotlight, and the Savor Silver Newsletter.developed for the diamond sector. It establishes the worlds moststringentbenchmarkofsustainabilityaccountability, New Silver Trends tab, featuring the Savor Silver Membertransparencyandprovenanceassuranceforthediamond brands by category.industry,withcomprehensiveenvironmental,socialandNew Events and Programs tab, featuring the virtual tradegovernance provisions along with climate neutral and other net- show flip books and the new section News & Newsworthyzero milestones. The standards Chain of Custody provisions are withup-to-dateeditorialsthathaveappearedinrecentbacked by third-party certification that combines A.I. enhanced jewelry trade publications. laserablationtesting,withgemidentificationverification,New About SPS tab, featuring information about SPS, theauditing and sampling to achieve 99% accuracy.Savor Silver Program, the SilverMark, SPS press releases, and the Silver Institute. All SCS-007 certified diamonds graded, scanned (Gemprint ) andlaserinscribedbyGCALwhichhaveaccompanying With regularly updated content, savorsilver.com is the singularinformationonlaserinscription,diamonddimensions,and destination for all silver jewelry needs. From articles on mer- carat weights, can carry the approved Sustainably Rated claim. chandising to flip books featuring hundreds of the latest stylesThe significance of this achievement can be seen in consumers in silver , the site is a critical resource for jewelry retailers. Buy- increasing demand that the diamonds they purchase meet the ers looking for new silver jewelry brands or sales associateshighest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility. and store managers seeking information to help silver salesAngeloPalmieri,COOofGCAL,wasoneoftheoriginal soar can visit savorsilver.com. andleadingmembersofthemulti-stakeholderstandards developmentcommittee,facilitatedbySCSStandards,the not-for-profit standards development arm of SCS. SCS, and thecommitteemembers,haveallbeenworkingincredibly hard, under intense pressure on this process for the past 18 months. Im proud to be part of this SCS effort, and particularly proud to say that GCAL is the first gem lab in the world to earn the SCS Certificate of Accreditation, explained Angelo. GCAL Accredited to Support Origin TraceabilityGCAL First Gem Lab Worldwide Accredited to Support theIts a win for both retail jewelers and the ultimate consumer, Origin Traceability Requirements of the SCS-007 Sustainabilitycontinued Palmieri. GCAL guaranteed diamond certificates Rated Diamond Program can now include an SCS mark, demonstrating that a diamond has been sustainability rated and certified Climate Neutral by SCS Global Services (SCS), a pioneer and leader in the fieldSCS Global Services. Were especially proud to be certifying of sustainability standards and third-party certification, issuedwith WD Lab Grown Diamonds in this effort, as they are the itsfirstCertificateofAccreditationforGemIdentificationfirst producer worldwide to achieve certification.Verification Provider to GCAL (Gem Certification & Assurance 48 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'