b'CURATE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERSeek collections for Generation XThe neglected middle child. Gen X is the smallest generation, Most influenced by email marketing campaignsbornbetween1965and1980GenXislargelyignoredby Prefers unique, high-quality productsmarketers, but they spend the next highest amount behind Customer service is the most important driver of loyaltyBoomers. This generations importance will continue to grow as theyre in their earning prime (and Boomers start to spend1. Service Satisfies. less in retirement). Gen Xers are top spenders for all categories. Jewelers beware, they appreciate when a retailer recognizes them and provides follow-up and prompt service GenXersarebusy!Theyredealingwithchildren,payingmortgages and tuition, and working a LOT. Turns out, theyre2. Email marketing is meaningful- also on onlinemore than 80% of this generation reports thatIt might seem like old news, but it is still the best way to they are on Facebook & Twitter. They grew up without thecommunicate with Generation X. This generation is already online shopping experience, so they still enjoy a trip in-store,plugged into Outlook constantly for work and updates from but have fully embraced online shopping as well. family, its natural that they would react positively to retail emails. GEN XAnnual Spend: $357 billion 3. Try Direct MailSocial media channel of choice: Facebook, LinkedIn You may not expect what seems to be an outdated form of Most responsive to: Word of Mouth, Email Marketing marketing to work with this generation. But, according to a study from InnoMedia 86% of this generation brings in the Key Characteristics: mail every day and 68% have used coupons they received inPrefers honest and clear product and marketing messages the mail.Most likely to conduct online research at home and shop inpersonSterling Collections that appeal to Gen X includeMartha Seely Design jewelry fulfills the vision ofJoryel Vera Unique & Original Wearable Elegance. American design.Sterling ear climbers withSterling ring with channel set lapis & zircon MSRP $400 gemstones available in all your marthaseely.com favorite colors.617.899.2162 Peridot MSRP $480 joryelverawholesale.com561.508.2945Belle Etoile exquisite and luxurious jewelry that delights the imagination, heart, and soul. Sterling pav-set hand-painted multicolor enamel necklaceMSRP $195 belleetoilejewelry.com Lika Behar attainable looks, to wear all day every day.415.626.9223Sterling silver curbside cuff MSRP $790.likabehar.com 201.933.720022 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'