b'CURATE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERCapture the Silent GenerationThe Silent Generation are those born from 1925 to 19451. Think through your imagery so called because they were raised during a period of warBecause this is a generation that places a high value on family, and economic depression. This group is small but at 24 millionconsider using images that portray a feeling of community people strong, its still a group that deserves your attentionor familial connectedness instead of simply opting for clichdespecially because Silents, rank as one of the wealthiestimages of elderly individuals.generations.TheSilentgenerationdoesntalwaysspend much.ButwhenSilentsspend,itsselectiveandwiththe2. Direct mail delivers.intention of enhancing life. Their pragmatic spending reflectsTraditionalmediachannelsarestillyourbestbetwhen their priorities and they splurge on what they want.advertising to silents. Youd be wise to share messages with this group primarily via letters, postcards, newspaper ads and THE SILENT GENERATION the like.Annual Spend: $162.9 billionSocial media channel of choice: NA 3. Be thoughtful about layouts and font size.Most responsive to: Direct Mail A complex design and small text run the risk of frustrating Silents and making your marketing pieces difficult to read. Key Characteristics: PreventthisscenariofromoccurringbyusinglargefontPrefers direct mail, newsletters, postcards, flyers sizes, concise wording, a simple design and a clear, easy-to- Requires simple, straightforward content comprehend layout. Prefers imagery that relates to their age group Values include family, patriotism, community, and respectSilver delivers to the Silent generation with traditional collections that offer luxury and lasting styleGabriel & CO a jewelry design housePIYARO Award-winning Italian which was founded in 1989 by brothersdesigns in sterling silver and Jack and Dominick Gabriel and is still14K gold set with H color VS family owned and operated today. diamonds. Silver with rock crystal and Sterling silver ring 14K,turquoise ring MSRP $ 275 VS natural diamonds 0.15 gabrielny.comcarats MSRP $1499212.519.1400 piyaro.com 888.427.8886Rembrandt Charms creating keepsakes to remember all oflifes special moments. Sterling silver life is charming bracelet MSRP $477rembrandtcharms.com 800.828.7840Gloria Maccaroni Gloria Maccaroni is Director of Brand Development for The Silver Institute /Promotion Service (SPS).SPS, launched in 2008, develops and implements programs designed to enhance the image of and stimulate demand for silver jewelry in major markets.Retailers are encouraged to visit savorsilver.com to find jewelry collections to grow their silver jewelry sales. Brands and designers are selected to participate in the program and can request more information by writing to info@savorsilver.com24 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'